Black ops declassified on the vita is not a great game. Nihilistic phoned this one in like they did on G.I.Joe rise of cobra. However let's turn back the clock and think of what would have been the best two developers who could have made this a perfect military shooter.

Slant Six Games Logo.png

1).Slant six games: They had experience working with sony and  the psp hardware, with the fire team bravo 3 game. Which wasn't a bad game, matter of fact it received very good reviews and was a fun military shooter. They also put out  operation raccoon city earlier this year which wasn't great but it show that they could make a single player campaign that would last longer than a hour.

Activision could have got these guys and B.OP. D would have been awesome.

Zipper Interactive Logo.png

Now let's say Sony wanted activision to use in house talent on making B.OPS.D, They COULD HAVE looked no further than Zipper interactive. (the reason I say could have is because for some retarded reason Sony shut down Zipper....Face Palm)  Have you played Unit 13?


combined with this....

  CoD Black Ops cover.png


Picture Unit 13 with 8 on 8 Multi-player...Yeah that's what I'm talking about. Unit 13 has the Best use of touch controls and shooting you will find on the Vita.  What am I saying? Zipper could have squeezed 16 on 16 multiplayer , and zombies!

But alas my poor gamer, the world will never know.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!