Hello And welcome to my Noobs guide to Call of duty zombies. These tips and tricks will help you get far in zombies(some tips for multi).

1. The Basics

Zombies is a survival mode that debuted in Call of Duty: World at War and now it's in Black Ops. You start out with a M1911 pistol, a knife, and 2 grenades. My advice: keep the zombies away from you. Here are some simple tips that will help you survive.

1.Watch your back: Zombies can sneak up behind you at any time so make sure you watch your back.

2.Buy a wall weapon as soon as possible(as soon as a good weapon fo higher rounds comes up e.g. the mp40 or the ak47-u in kino: as the rounds get higher your M1911 will become useless so buy a wall weapon as soon as possible

3.Open the doors around round 4. If you stay too long in the starting room you will eventualy be overwhelmed so it's best if you open the doors around round 3 or 4.

2. Know your enemy

Zombies: these are the standard type of zombies. You will see them with yellow, glowing eyes and wearing a German uniform. They're pretty easy to kill in the early rounds.

Nova 6 crawlers: In Kino der Toten and Five you come aross these crawling zombies. They are also easy to kill but if you kill them they let out a gas that blurs your vision. So if at all possible, kill them at a distance.

Hounds (Shi No Numa, Der Riese, Kino der Toten, Moon (Area 51) only): These only appear during a specal round they basicly run towrds you on sight. In the early rounds there pretty easy to kill with a shotgun. In the later rounds you are going to need something better. After killing the final dog, you will receive a max ammo.

The Thief (Five only): He only appears in Five. He basicly steals the weapon you are holding. When he comes along make sure you dont have your best weapon in your hands

Space Monkeys (Ascension only): These only appear during a special round AFTER you (or anyone on your team) buys a perk. The monkeys drop in from spaceships. Some monkeys target perk-a-cola machines while others will go after the players. If you kill the monkeys before the touch a perk machine, you get a free perk and a max ammo.

George Romero (Call of the Dead only): George spawns at the beginning of a round and cannot be killed. However, you can make him disappear for a few rounds at a time. The first, and easiest, way to get rid of George is to obtain the VR-11 from the mystery box, upgrade it, and shoot George while he is in the water. (Note: this will get rid of George but will not give you a free perk or a death machine). The second way to kill George is to shoot! It takes a LOT of ammo but it can be done. The best weapons to use are the upgraded scavenger, the upgraded M1911, the upgraded raygun, and the upgraded light machine guns.(It is best to use the ammo of the gun you have before upgrading so you can deal the most damage to George per gun used). After you kill George by shooting him with a gun other than the upgraded VR-11, he will drop a free perk and a death machine (or the Wunderwaffe if you have completed the Easter Egg Challenge).

Napalm Zombie (Shangri-la only)- this is a slow moving zombie that spawns during a round and is made of napalm. They have high health but can be easily killed by getting close to a player. When killed, a trail of fire is left behind that kills zombies and injures players that run through it.

Shrieker Zombie (Shangri-la only)- this is a very fast moving zombie with fairly low health. It blurs the players vision when it shrieking at them.

Phasing Nova 6 Zombies (Moon only)- these zombies are very similar to the Nova 6 crawlers (see above for more info) except these zombies teleport towards you! While wearing the P.E.S. you are immune to the nova 6 gas but you can still be stunned from the blast itself. These only appear if you enter the lab.

Astronaut Zombie (Moon only)- This is a zombie "boss" that appears during a round and takes the name of one of the friends on the hosts friends list. When killed, it sends zombies and players flying around. If he grabs you, he drains most of your health and teleports you. If you have more than 1 perk when he teleports you, you also lose a perk randomly.

3. Mystery box and Perk Machines

Now if your going to survive into the later rounds in zombies you're going to need something better than a wall weapons. Thankfully, there is the mystery box.

The mystery box: This is a Random weapon box (950 points to use) that could either give you the most powerful weapon in the game or an extra pistol. But be warned, after a certan amount of uses you will get (dunn dunn dunn) the teddy bear which causes the box to teleport to another place.

Perk Machines: another useful item for surviving zombies are perk machines. They give you abilites that enable you to survive longer like for example Juggernog increases your health so you can be hit more times by zombies and still survive and  Speed Cola increases your reload speed.

4.Pack a Punch

Once you turn the power on you get acces to the Pack-a-Punch machine. Basically, you have to solve a puzzle to unlock it. Once you unlock it it costs 5000 points to use. It upgrades your weapon to do more damage, usually increases your ammo capacity, and sometimes gives you an attachment. For example, a Pack-a-Punched m16 has a grenade launcher attachment and is fully automatic.

5. Additional Info

List of Perk and their uses:

  • Juggernog- Increases the players health
  • Speed Cola- Cuts the time it takes to reload in half
  • Quick Revive- Allows players to revive teammates 4 times faster than usual (Multiplayer); automatically revives yourself if you go down *can only be used 3 times* (Solo)
  • Double Tap Root Beer- Increases the rate of fire by 33%
  • Stamin' Up- Allows you to run longer
  • PhD Flopper- Makes you resistant to any explosive damage and also allows you to explode when you dive from an elevated area
  • Deadshot Daiquiri- Locks onto an enemies head rather than the body when aiming down sight, and decreases non ADS spread
  • Mule Kick- Allows players to hold 3 guns, all of which can be Pack-a-Punched. It costs a stunning 4000 points. *IMPORTANT* If you go down after buying mule kick and own 3 guns, the gun in the third gun slot will be lost! (Example: You already have mustang and sally and AK74-u. You then by mule kick and attain a ray gun. If you go down you will lose the ray gun because it is in the third gun slot)

Power Drops:

  • Insta-Kill- Makes every zombie a one-hit-kill
  • Double Points- Doubles the amount of points you receive for damaging/killing a zombie, or rebuilding barricades and getting nukes
  • Max Ammo- Refills a players ammo in both guns, grenades, and inventory (Gersh Devices, Claymores, etc.)
  • Nuke- Kills all zombies on the map and gives every player 400 points, and can be affected by double points
  • Carpenter- Boards up all the windows/barriers zombies enter through and gives each player 200 points
  • Fire Sale- Cuts the price of the mystery box to only 10 points
  • Death Machine- Gives the player a death machine for 30 seconds
  • Bonfire Sale (five only)- Cuts the price of the Pack-a-Punch to 2000 points
  • Random Perk Bottle- Gives each player a random perk

6. Strategies and Tips:

Ascension- Once you fly in from the lander, everyone needs to pick a window. After round 4, you and your team should have accumulated enough points to buy the door on the TOP (do not buy the bottom door. During a monkey round, it becomes extremely hard to keep them from touching Juggernog). Next everyone buy the MPK5 off the wall and stay here until you and your team have enough points to open the doors to the box and Juggernog. (Remember, while Juggernog is important it's useless if you can't fight off the zombie right in front of you. So make a weapon the priority and as soon as you get a weapon, get Juggernog). Next, you want to go up to the lander deck (PhD Flopper platform) and you need to do what's called "training" the zombies. Basically, you wait for the zombies to get onto the platform and you run around in circles. If you do this correctly, the zombies shouldn't be able to touch you. Meanwhile, one friend needs to be watching the upstairs window (and watching his back for zombies that may come up the stairs) and the other two people need to be in the room with PhD Flopper. Those two people can take care of the window in that room and shoot at the zombies following the player "training" the zombies. (Remember to always switch the positions everyone has at each new round to give everyone a fair chance at getting points). Whenever your guns start becoming ineffective, you can Pack-a-Punch them. All you have to do is ride all 3 landers. One is by PhD Flopper, the other is near Speed Cola, and the last is near Stamin' Up in the Scrapyard. After you ride all the landers, go to the room you turned the power on and there will be a button to launch the rocket from. (Note: You can shoot the rocket down to give you a Double Points). Now that you have the Pack-a-Punch area open, two people need to do the "train" down there. One person needs to be in the room with the Pack-a-Punch guarding those windows and the door leading into that area. The other person needs to "train" around the area the rocket launched from. With this strategy, you should be able to pretty much go to whatever round you feel like playing to.

7. Zombie Details

Zombie Health Per Round:

Zombies start with 150 health. With each round up to Round nine, they gain 100 health, ending up with 950.
Starting at round 10, the zombie health is multiplied by 1.1 with each round. At first, 1.1 isn't much, but it exponentially grows and becomes massive per round.

Round 01 = 150
Round 02 = 250
Round 03 = 350
Round 04 = 450
Round 05 = 550
Round 06 = 650
Round 07 = 750
Round 08 = 850
Round 09 = 950
Round 10 = 1045
Round 11 = 1150
Round 12 = 1264
Round 13 = 1391
Round 14 = 1530
Round 15 = 1683
Round 16 = 1851
Round 17 = 2036
Round 18 = 2240
Round 19 = 2464
Round 20 = 2710
Round 30 = 7030
Round 40 = 18234
Round 50 = 47295
Round 60 = 122673
Round 70 = 318183
Round 100 = 5552108 (5.5 million health)

Number of Zombies Per Round:

There can only be 24 zombies in the map at one time. Reserve zombies come in when existing ones are killed.

The maximum number of zombies is 24 for one player.
+6 for each extra player.

From Rounds 1 to 4, the number of zombies is limited by 0.2, 0.4, 0.6 and 0.8 multipliers.

Between rounds 5 and 9, there will be 24 (+6 per player) zombies.

At Round 10 and on, the zombie count increases exponentially with (Round Number * 0.15 = Multiplier)

Example of a two player game:
(Round) 16 * 0.15 = 2.4
2.4 * (# of zombies per wave) 30 = 72 (zombies per round)

8. Easter Eggs

For the sake of space on this guide, videos will be posted that correctly show how to complete the Easter Egg instead of everything being written out. Just follow the links to the map you want to learn about.

Ascensionhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PN9CuxO-_HI       Posted by: NextGenTactics

Call of the Deadhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TUbwbhcdsUo        Posted by: MachinimaRespawn

Shangri-lahttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvfcetDELf8     Posted by: NGTZombies


Finally....Survive as long as you can

Make sure you have a good strategy and a good plan, otherwise you're toast!


That's the guide! Happy playing! :D

Gears Master here something you need to know. When you have enough money buy the mystery box. Trust me I just finished a round and got 2 Fal's, 1 Thundergun and 1 Black hole thingy. Just make sure to buy jugger-nog as soon as you can!