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  • Wiki Page: Zombie guide for the hardcore zombie fans!

    O.K. This guide is for assencion, things you will need 3 to 4 players and atleast 2 people with mic's. Now the begining when you first start knife the zombie's for about 3 to 4 rounds 4 is the farthest I would knife, don't shoot your pistol until you get a shotgun and max ammo. I use the...
  • Wiki Page: The sniper guide: Black Ops

    There are two types of snipers in Black Ops: Bolt Action and Semi-Automatic. My suggestions for quickscoping would be to use the L96A1, the only bolt action in the game, However, if you would rather play more realistically, the PSG1 would be the way to go. Secondaries. My recommendation would be any...
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