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  • Wiki Page: cod blackops

    To kill fast use head shots
  • Wiki Page: Easy rhino trophy/achievment

    This is a pretty straight forward thing to get. when going to Nazi zombies and you are sitting in that chair look down at your arms and tap bolth bumpers repeatedly to get out of the chair once you are out of the chair. now walk around the room untill you find the computer press X and then you can type...
  • Wiki Page: Shotgun classes in black ops

    The shotgun I use a lot is the stakeout or the spaz depending on my rank. But this might help you or make your off of this so lets start! Ok first you will need the a shotgun of your choice or the one's I recomend (the spaz or stakeout) for the class. But so now we got the primary gun covered so...
  • Wiki Page: The sniper guide: Black Ops

    There are two types of snipers in Black Ops: Bolt Action and Semi-Automatic. My suggestions for quickscoping would be to use the L96A1, the only bolt action in the game, However, if you would rather play more realistically, the PSG1 would be the way to go. Secondaries. My recommendation would be any...
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