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  • Wiki Page: Zombies 101: The Noobs guide to zombies.

    Hello And welcome to my Noobs guide to Call of duty zombies. These tips and tricks will help you get far in zombies(some tips for multi). 1. The Basics Zombies is a survival mode that debuted in Call of Duty: World at War and now it's in Black Ops. You start out with a M1911 pistol, a knife, and...
  • Wiki Page: Zombie guide for the hardcore zombie fans!

    O.K. This guide is for assencion, things you will need 3 to 4 players and atleast 2 people with mic's. Now the begining when you first start knife the zombie's for about 3 to 4 rounds 4 is the farthest I would knife, don't shoot your pistol until you get a shotgun and max ammo. I use the...
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