Okay, first off in round 1 don't fire any bullets. Only knife the zombies because this is the only round when it only takes 1 melee to kill them. If you are playing solo, don't buy a gun, buy the "Quick Revive". It functions a bit differently in solo mode. Instead of making it faster to revive, it puts you into "Second Chance" mode with a Pack-a-Punched M1911 pistol. This time around, though, this gun is dual-wield. It shoots grenades, which is VERY helpful. In round 2, either buy the M14 or buy the upstairs door, depending on how many points you have. If you buy the M14, don't use it yet. Because you didn't fire any M1911 bullets last round, use that pistol. When you run out of ammo for that, THEN use the M14. If you choose to buy the door instead, there is a PM63 inside that room, along with a trap, which can't be activated until the power is turned on. In case you are wondering, the PM63 is a sub-machine gun with moderate power, low ammo, and a high rate of fire. After round 2, buy the next door upstairs. In the following room you will find a familiar gun from those of you who have played World at War. It's the MP40 sub-machine gun! After this round, it's basically just about luck, skill from practice, and if you aren't playing solo, teamwork. Good luck fellow Zombie-Slayers!

Mista Muffin mans strategy:

same except instead of buying the upstairs room i buy the downstairs room and then the alley. the alley is a very good spot to make a stand against the hellhounds with your back against the gate w/ the ak74u.

tip: try to find the random gunbox as soon as possible

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