The shotgun I use a lot is the stakeout or the spaz depending on my rank. But this might help you or make your off of this so lets start! Ok first you will need the a shotgun of your choice or the one's I recomend (the spaz or stakeout) for the class. But so now we got the primary gun covered so now secondary weapons: either the ballistic knives or the duel pythons or duel colts so really any duel pistols will work. Now the perks marathon, lightweight, and second chance, I use marathon and lightweight because I run around with the shotguns. So now get good with shotguns, don't ever aim with the shotguns don't ever do that. Just quick scope basiclly and aim from the hip, you don't need any attachments for guns. I hope this helps watch for my other guides.


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 Now, it's brandon, adding some other tips. Ass he said never aim. Also, put on grip. Mty class is Scavenger, Sleight of Hand, and Marathon. Scavenger becuz there is not alot of starting ammo for shotguns, sleight of hand for the obvious reasons, and Marathon really helps make you mobile and get in people's faces.