Alright all you noobs i have the perfect stradegy for kino der toten for solo

round 1: buy a revive wait for them to come out of the windows then knife them

round 2: use your pistol and shot them with a round in the torso then knife them

round 3: you should have at least 1750 points if not throw grenades in the windows until you do, when u do run upstairs and buy the door and the smg on the wall and kill the remaining zombies with it

round 4: use the remaining ammo you have on the smg to get some points *if u run out of ammo on it in the middle of the round buy the next door*

round 5:  buy the next door if not in the previous round and buy the next smg on the wall but if the mystery box is in the room use your money on that

round 6: stay in that room and kill the zombies with the weapon you have

round 7:buy the next two doors *if you have money buy the assault riffle on the wall and claymores if possible, if you bought the claymores put them on the window closes to them* shoot zombies with the weapon you have but throw a grenade and make at least one a crawler. Then turn the power on and link teleporter to the main frame then go to the main frame to turn the teleporter. Kill the remaining zombies with your knife.

round 8: go inside the teleporter and wait for a zombie to get close to it then use it, once you use it you will be in a room and look out the window and you should see some zombies throw grenades at them DO NOT use your weapon, you will be soon teleported to the main room use your assalut riffle on them *if you run out of ammo buy something from the mysterey box or buy more ammo* now that youve come back circle around the whole map so that every zombie is following you then just like before throw the grenades you have left at them and shot the standing ones, if you havent found the mystery box yet this is a great time to, look at the map in any of the rooms and then go on the hunt for it, the guns i recommend having are

  • the light machine guns
  • smg
  • commando
  • galil
  • ray gun
  • thunder gun
  • rocket launcher
  • china lake
  • surprize monkey


once youve got a new weapon link teleporter up again then kill the zombies with your knife*buy the bowie knife near the juggernog as soon as possible*

round 9: same stradegy as before get in the teleporter and run around the map, once youve collected at least 5000 save it! you'll need it later and remember to throw grenades at them, once theres no more standing zombies link the teleporter up and if you have 8000 points buy the juggernog which is in the theater near the bowie knife and kill the remaing zombies with your knife

round 10: get in the teleporter but once you go up you will be doing something different, choose the best gun you have and use it on the machine behind you its not cheap but its worth it! same strdegy as before save your money and get both your weapons pack a punched, and if you have any remaining money buybthe speed cola.

round 11-how long you last: follow this stratedgy and you will be putting many zombies in their final resting place!

additional comments: for hell hounds dont be afraid to use alot of your ammo! there will always be a max ammo at the end!

if you die for any purpose always try to get a quick revive as soon as possible



p3R50N edit:

If you want to just get a high score/wave record, just stay in the first room. Get the revive, and the gun at the top of the stairs, switch back to the M1911, and wait for them to come out of the windows then knife them. use your pistol and shot them with a round in the torso then knife them. then switch to other gun and keep the kills comin'


I was so naieve this strategy doesn't work