Zombies is the best part about black ops and it can be pretty hard. Following these tips you can to at least round 40

Round 1-3

Let the zombies rip down bariers, instead of using your pistol stab a lot, because it racks up serious points.

Every round open up one door. I recromend the downstairs door. Then open the ally. 


Round 4-8

Things start getting hard on round four so buy the ak-74u [1500 points] It has 160 bullets, good damage, and fire rate. Slowly open all the doors to the stage. If you find the mystery box trade out you pistol [950 points] 


Round 9-13 

Turn the power on around round nine, a good time to do this is if there is only one zombie left in the round, set up the teliporter, and use it, then pack-a-punch your ak-74u [5000 points] If you have not found the mystery box yet use it, having one wall wepon [ak-74u] and one mystery box gun is a very good tactic. 


Round 14-20

Things really heat up so buy all the perks in this order jugernog [2500 points], quick revive [500 single player, 1500 co-op] and last speed cola [3000 points] I wouldnt buy double tap because it wastes to much bullets. You should start getting in a routine of always having the teliporter on because, its a last ditch effort. As soon as possible you should pack-a-punch your mystery box gun. If you have a lot of left over points buy the claymores [1000 points] too. 


Round 21-30


The zombies now are rediculasly hard so spend all your points trying to get an rpk, ray gun, or thunder gun at the mysterybox because those are the best in the game. Pack-a-punch asap. 


Round 31-35


By now the only guy that does anything is the thundergun so conserve ammo for when all the zombies line up then fire away!


Round 36-50


Guns dont matter any more so use the electricity traps [1000 points] to kill zombies, if you made a lot of money before round 30 you will have enouf to last a long time.


Round 51-??????


Yeah right!


Good rules


Watch your back

Have one wall gun and one mystery box gun

Always have the teliporter on

Go for headshots


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