Well first off you don't need to use this but it's for idea's you can go off of, you can use them.

So one of my top 5's is an ak47(or ak74) with a reflex sight and a silencer, the perks ghost, warlord and second chance. It's really fun to use but when you use the ak47 it feels like less damage then the ak74. But still fun to use.

Another one is a l96a1 with the zoom scope, perks ghost, hardened and second chance all pro or not.If you don't have the pro upgrade. I get lots of kills with this so it's in the top 5.

Sorry I forgot the pistols with ak47(ak74) is duel wield python's, and for the sniper class is the duel wield colt's or duel wield python's. Another good class is the stakeout, pistol:cz75 with automatic upgrade or duel python's. Perks:marathon, lightweight, second chance. Pro or not. I use that a lot to. Now tips for sniping. Well this is probably the best thing I'm good at, so when using the zoom scope i usually use the first power right when you enter the scope, because it doesn't move around that much without steadying the scope. And I don't keep in scope mode after I shoot (or kill). Well that's it so hope it helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey this is xs7x SaVaGe and if there is noobs out there that are low level than obviously you are not going to have great weapons like the ones he is talking about up above but the best low level weapon is probably the enfield with a red dot sight your secondary should be a dual wielded makarov your perks should be lighwieght, (you can use what ever you want),hacker     

PS:im not a noob im 3rd prestige in black ops

Ya try using what savage likes 2! Gears master out. Peace!

Oh, and Brandon Whiting adding, Second Chance is for scrubs!

(GOLIATH012001) added; oK, granted the AK's are a good choice, (for over LVL 47), but let's say you just Prest,(entered prestige mode)regardless of lvl of prest, you start all over again anyway.

So, we're back to basics,,,Black Ops 101. ^^

My personal favorites, (will vary from board to board) Is the AK 47 with extended mags, Reflex scope(with green three dots) with the perks Scavenger pro, Warlord pro, Marathon pro. Flashbangs, Stickies, and claymores.

It's like this, Black Ops is designed to be customized to each player's preferred way to play. Just think about the way the classes are set up, each weapon and load out has their advantages and disadvantages.

You have to take the board you are playing into account as well, (Would you take a sniper rifle to the summit?) The M60 is great for cover fire, and close support.

I think the Perks accentuate the weapons well, but, Use them the way they are intended. I.E., ONLY USE THE SILENCERS AND GHOST PERKS WHEN SNIPING. and such.

Noob Tubers still bug me, they carried over from MW2, but if you shoot me with a china lake, and it straight hits me without blowing up, I'll never call you a Noob Tuber.

I also like the shotguns in close support, in places like Nuketowne, they are great, but a big board, like Hanoi,,,not so much.

Long story short, just practice, you will die,(alot) and it happens. The key is to have fun, Please please please, don't worry about K/D ratio.At least until higher Prest modes.

Hope this helps,,,,and happy gaming.