If you're looking for a quick guide to give a rundown of the gameplay of Call of Duty: Black Ops multiplayer, you're in the right spot. This guide is just a quick primer on how to play with each gun class, as well as a few tips on Game Success.


--Assault Rifles--
This is the "jack of all trades" gun class. Everything about these guns are moderate (DPS, range, Aim-down-sight time, reload time, clip size...) This is the only class that's seriously competent fighting close, mid, and long range. This is also the gun class with the most available attachments overall, and the only class generally allowing the grenade launcher attachment.

This class works best in the middle of the firefight, making sure there are no serious long lines of sight, but remaining separated from close-quarters areas. This class also gets a good benefit from higher ground.

There's no perk/attachment that can seriously outweigh any other with this class. Anything added to this class will etch out an advantage in one situation or another, and you should always play to your strengths, or the maps' more often occurring situations.

--Sub Machine Guns--
A class more oriented towards close-quarters fire than the Assault Rifles, SMGs are known for their fast fire rate, fast reload time, fast speed and smaller hip fire radius, while sacrificing their clip size, ranged damage, bullet penetration, and often accuracy. This class has a good number of attachments, allowing a decent level of customization.

This class can function well deep in the heat of the action, but it's often a good idea to stay clear of windows, and get as close as possible to your opposition. Higher ground doesn't benefit this class as much, because shooting from a window will probably mean shooting at your minimum damage. Sticking to walls and corners inside a building gives SMG users their best opportunities.

Due to the rather quick range dropoff, a silencer won't hurt this class as much (You gun's already bad at long range, a range nerf won't affect you too badly). And this class does benefit from being speedier than the next, so Lightweight, Marathon, Sleight of Hand are good perks, as well as Steady aim to make your hip-fire radius the smallest in the game.And since ammo can run out fast, a pistol secondary or Scavenger perk would be a good idea.

--Light Machine Guns--
The LMGs in this game are the heavy-hitters, doing great damage at all ranges, having some of the highest bullet penetration, and usually having a larger than normal clip size. Unfortunately, this class is slow when it comes to everything, including speed, ADS time, reload time, and it possess rather terrible hip-fire accuracy. This makes them a serious threat at longer ranges, but bad in any up-close situation.

This class does best slowly walking and surveying the field for enemies. CQC is terrible, so it actually is beneficial to be a little more in the open and outside than other classes. Higher ground is also a good help, but do know that due the LMGs great bullet penetration, this class is better than most at dealing with people even on lower ground.

Because the LMG class is slower than most, living to even see some firefight is a little more necessary than most. Hardened, Flak Jacket, Hacker, and Tactical Mask are great perks, as well as Sleight of Hand Pro to make you Aim down sight and shoot faster. Attachments on this gun help, but there doesn't seem to be any truly better choice among them. Just pick some and experiment. Since this gun never really runs out of ammo, and there's very little chance you would need a different gun in a pinch, feel free to have a launcher as a secondary (Strela's a good option, destroying any planes since you should be out in the open anyway.)

My favorite class in the game, Shotguns are the CQC dominator, capable of One-shot killing anything nearby. Sadly, this gun class has absolutely NO capabilities at any other range. This gun has very poor statistics in all areas except damage and close quarters, so the answer to "Is the Shotgun good at ________?" is almost always a No. Each shotgun has only one attachment, if they even have one, so it's a "Take it or leave it" kind of situation.

This class pretty much needs to be hidden at all times, which will mean knowing the map and the location of your enemies. CQC is the shotgun's forté, so buildings are a very cozy place to be. Sharp corners and short halls are nice locations as well. Higher ground does next to nothing for this class. This class works best deep behind enemy lines, where everybody won't be searching for him.

Being unnoticed until the right moment is paramount, so Ninja and Ghost are great perks, as well as Marathon and Lightweight to get around faster. And tripping on Claymores and C4 can kill a lot of hard work maneuvering, so hacker is beneficial. This class also needs to know where enemies are, so the Spy Plane, Counter Spy Plane, and Blackbird killstreaks are big bonuses. And since this class has no long range capabilities, your secondary weapon should probably be a launcher (Preferably a crossbow, for the good accuracy)

--Sniper Rifles--
Where shotguns excel up close, Snipers kill without ever being anywhere around. Hip-firing with this gun is virtually useless, and all Sniper Rifles have a scope, which means you'll be comfortably looking at things far away to kill in just one shot. This gun is pretty poor in all categories except for damage and its range.

This class works best dropping back to the edges of the map, keeping high ground, and just sticking to a few positions total (Yes, you should camp with this class.). High ground, good cover, and long lines-of-sight benefit this class more than any other.

The Scout perk is an immediate given for this class, always use it. There are other scopes besides the default for all Sniper Rifles, so always experiment to see which one is best for you. Ghost can help you stay secluded, and claymores with Scavenger Pro can help you stay in position. A pistol alternate is a valuable tool, as well as Second Chance pro, since you'll often be shot to falling behind cover, where any ally nearby will have a good half-minute to revive you.


--Beginning of the Match--
At this moment, everybody has full ammo, all devices, but no killstreaks. Immediately separate yourself from the group, as many people can aim an explosive right at the enemy starting spawn, garnering a nice multikill off the bat. Also note that no enemy should be nearby, so feel free to run around at the start without need to check corners.

--As the match progresses--
If your team seems to have the advantage, feel free to continue what you're doing, but if your team is at a disadvantage, I suggest switching to a class with Ghost/Flak Jacket, and the Strela secondary, taking out any killstreaks they have, and minimizing your team's deaths, hindering enemy advancement (Even in non-Deathmatch games, dying is bad, just in case you were wondering)

There's no cover mechanic, but you are able to stand/crouch behind objects to recuperate/reload. Just do remember that some objects can be shot through (Wood, sheet metal, concrete brick, glass, smoke) and some cannot (Generally, just sandbags, the ground, and natural stones, like rocks.) To an LMG user, anything that only provides concealment and not genuine cover might as well be paper. Cars provide excellent cover when they're not blown up, but do keep in mind that they CAN/WILL be blown up. Blown up cars still provide semi-effective cover, so if you don't want to risk dying via explosion, blow up a vehicle yourself before hiding behind it for cover.

--Air Support--
Shoot it down as fast as possible. Always. You get points, your enemy gets screwed, what's not to like. Keep a couple of classes that have the Strela secondary. Do remember that even though shooting down care package carriers doesn't destroy the package, it very well could put it in an undesirable location for your opponent.

--Objective Game Types--
This may sound obvious, but just play the objective. You get much more points/wins for doing so. I know Kill/Death ratio is important, but it's not the most important thing in these game types. I'm a big Sabotage player, and I've had many occasions where I've defused the bomb, ran it across the map (holding a slow gun at times, I might add), planted and defended it in one life, winning the game single-handedly in about a minute.

Unless you're using a shotgun, always try to aim down sight before/while firing. Also, use short bursts instead of shooting continuously. if your gun has bad accuracy, use 2-3 bullet bursts, with more accurate guns effectively capable of using 4-5 shot bursts. And always reload when you have the chance, not when you're low. Firefights go smoother that way. And when shooting a target at a distance, line up your first shot precisely. People start fleeing when they get shot at, and making your first shots count is paramount.

--Class creation--
Just like you should have a class with Ghost Pro and a Strela, there are two other classes you may want: A class that's full stealth (Silenced weapon, Ghost, Ninja. This class can be your class with the Strela, if you choose that as your secondary) and a class that can flush out a building/camper(Scavenger Pro/Warlord Pro/Tactical Mask Pro/Launcher secondary/Grenade launcher attachment primary).