i, mike and ill be taking you through this guide for COD

When i start my game i make sure that i pick a level of difficulty that fits your level of play and then start the game.when the mission starts you will want to listen to the the computer talking because it will help you understand the mission.then when you take control you want to look at the map on one of the corners of the screen for any enemies or check points around then work your way forward ,you can't just run in and throw a grenade ,shoot and make it through you have to take cover and make strategy or you will die very fast. Compared to all the other call of duty games this one is the most trickest,as in there will be spots in the game where you will need to be concerned almost all the time.i do have to say that the last COD and others are getting shorter and shorter. other than what i have told you all you need to do know is just practice and that is how i beat  call of duty black ops i about less than a few days only playing about 1 hour a day.