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Call of Duty: Black Ops Complete Zombies Guide

Call of Duty: Black Ops

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Call of Duty: Black Ops Complete Zombies Guide

   In this guide I will take you throughout every map, making sure you know how to play.

Nacht Der Untoten

Size: Picture MW2's rust map, just a little smaller.

Difficulty: This is like making a 'super easy' difficulty setting.

Song Activation: Shoot all explosive barrels outside the windows in the spawn room.

It is crucial to know how to play this map. Never directly buy the door to the upstairs room. Always buy to DOOR to the mystery box. Once in that door, buy an M1A1 Thompson(far wall). The M1A1 keeps it's great killing quality throughout the levels, so you can do your best. Now hit up the box. Try getting a Thunder Gun or Ray Gun. They will help with the firepower. If needed, buy Mule Kick. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE RAY GUN/THUNDER GUN AND M1A1 THOMPSON IN 1 AND 2nd SLOT! Keep in mind, there is no Pack-A-Punch in this map, so weapon quality decreases at a low rate, not including WWII M1911 or Knife.


Size: Picture the map Firing Range, and take out the firing range part.

Difficulty: Pretty easy, for the most part.

Song Activation: Flush the toilet 3 times.

This map is pretty simple to know. Go in one direction and turn on the power. There is only one direction to go, so go there. Open whatever door you're at, and buy an MP40/STG - Juggernog spawn - or M1A1 Thompson - Mule Kick spawn. Once you've made it to the power, buy the door, then the mystery box. Try for a Winter's Howl. This thing is like the savior of the Black Ops Zombies religion. It freezes zombies, and can save you in so many situations.

Shi No Numa

Size: A giant X, with swamps that are hard to navigate.

Difficulty: Pretty easy, but could give you some trouble.

Song Activation: Head to the Comm Room and press X/Square on the phone.

After spawning in, NEVER BUY THE UPSTAIRS DOOR. Buy the downstairs door! I cannot stress this enough, because the downstairs door leads to problems. They both lead to the same area, but the upstairs door can actually lead to your death. Buy the box, and try for the Wonderwaffe DG-2. Any good gun works in this map. Bad guns include: Spectre, CZ75, CZ75 Dual Weild, Ballistic Knife, China Lake, M72 LAW. This is a complicated way to camp, but you need to run around and camp. Camp at the beginning of the round, but when you get pushed back, run a train.

Der Reise

Size - Average sized, like the map Grid

Difficulty: Can get a little hard, but I doubt it.

Song Activation: Collect all spines - 2 in the Trenchgun room, 1 in the room next to the Type 100

Once you are ready to leave the main room, go towards the room with the Trenchgun, which is the one to the right when you face the Pack-A-Punch machine. Buy a trenchgun, and camp in the same room with the spines, towards the end of the hall on the stairs. When the time comes, leave the hallway, and jump down the edge of the bridge. Turn the power on, and use the box. Try to get the Wonderwaffe DG-2 and Ray Gun. You will not need Juggernog until round 10. While heading for the bridge, take the turn to the left, and take a right. And then there's jugg. 

Kino Der Toten

Size - Bigger than Der Reise, just a little.

Difficulty: Tough, because it's easy to run out of ammo.

Song Activation: Collect all Element 115 rocks - 1 in spawn, 1 backstage, and 1 in the "Manhattan Down" room

When you're ready to go out of the spawn room, go upstairs and there will be a door. Go straight, and open the next door. Go down the right stairs and buy an MP40. Now you're ready for the round. Camp down there until you're forced to move back, then open the next door. This is backstage, keep moving. Go forward, left, then open the door to the actual stage. Once you're there, don't camp if you're playing solo. Go directly to the power, and turn it on. Now, start running the train on the stage. You may want a Ray Gun and Thundergun.


Size: Pretty big.

Difficulty: Tough, considering limited train space.

Song Activation: Collect all Sickle Bears - 1 near Speed Cola, 1 in spawn, 1 near the wasteland

You will definitely find trouble with this map if you're new. It's confusing. When you're ready to go, you may want to open the downstairs door, then progress upstairs. All the way upstairs once you buy the last door there will be a gate. Look a little to the right, and there's the power. Turn on the power, turn around, and there's the mystery box. Aim for the Tundergun, Ray Gun, and Gerch Device. You will do great with these.

Call of the Dead

Size: Are you kidding me??

Difficulty: *cough*veteran*cough*

Song Activation: Collect all Element 115 rocks - 1 in spawn, 1 in the lounge - 1 near easter egg start

This map is one of the hardest. It has 2 huge open areas, terrible for trains because of the water. George A. Romero makes it harder, because if you shoot him, he runs after you. Nothing to say but - You need a Ray Gun and Scavenger. You'll die without it. And juggernog.


Size: About the size of Call of the Dead, but narrower.

Difficulty: this a joke?

Song Activation: Collect all Element 115 Rocks - 1 in spawn, 1 behind mud room, 1 in the cart area

In fact, this map is so hard, I might as well not make a guide for this map. But, you want the Baby Gun(new wonder weapon, that's what me and my friends gave it for a name), Ray Gun, and Monkey Bombs. Always keep moving! You need to, or else you'll die. Take advantages as traps for shortcuts, but be aware at what lies at the end of it. SPIKE TRAPS ARE NOT SHORTCUTS.


Size: Seriously, ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? Maps don't deserve this!!

Difficulty: The hardest map of them all! Don't worry, I haven't gotten to round 20 yet.

Song Activation: Collect all helmet bears - Yeah right I know where these are, go to Youtube| Do Terminal easter egg - I don't know where the terminals are, these are for the 8-bit songs.

This map is so hard. Once you spawn in, knife every zombie you can. Once you hear the nuke noise, and the controller starts rumbling, get in the teleporter or you WILL DIE. In space, you need a space mask or you will suffocate to death. Press up on the D-Pad to put it on. I can't explain this map in detail, just that it's so hard. Once at the box, you want a Ray Gun, Wave Gun/Porter's X2 Zap Gun, and QED. These 3 will save your life, and I guarantee that. If you want juggernog, use the teleporter back to Area 51, and you'll have a chance of either Juggernog or Speed Cola spawning in. Staying alive while going back is very hard! The zombie strength is not reset! Get out of there ASAP!