You will start in a large room with two floors. There are 2 windows on each floor and 2 doors to open. The first thing you want to do is try to get as many points as you can. (Note: Your screen will be black and white) Round 1 - Shoot the zombies 4-6 times on the legs and then knife. This should get you about 190-200 points or more. Be aware of the rotating tube in the center of the room. Round 2 - You should let the zombies come out of the windows. This way you will recieve more power-ups and you will have more space to aim. Shoot the zombies 8 times on the chest and then knife/ Round 3 - You should have gotten a Max-Ammo power up by now. Continue the same process as shown in the description of Round 2. Round 4 - If you have not purchased Quick Revive, now is the time. Open the door on the first floor and purchase the MPL. Shoot the zombies 8 or 10 times and then knife. You should have a lot of points by now. Continue this until the round ends. Rounds 5-7 - Open the door on the second floor in the room that you started in. You should see a field with walls. Take a right and proceed to the next door. You will see that the MP5K is available to purchase. Turn around and you will find steps that lead to the place that you should start making circles in. Round 8 - You should have many points now. Leave a crawler (Aim a grenade to a zombie's foot and it should make him a crawler) and proceed to the door that costs 1250 points. Open it and then enter the room. Climb the ladder and you will see the Stakeout. It is a good weapon to by. (Kills Zombies with one shot from round 1-10) Open the next door and you will find the power switch. Flip it on and our screen will have color. The random box will also be there. (Note: When you hit activate the button to open the random box, stand in front of the wall that has a splatter of blood, there is a possibilty that you will gte the RAY GUN) Kill the crawler and proceed to the next round. Round 9 - It will probably be a monkey round. (Your screen will turn red, green, and yellow.) Monkeys will try to steal your perks, so guarding what you have bought will be best. If the monkeys reach your perks, a buzzing sound will start. If you prevent the monkeys from touching your perk, you will get a FREE perka and Max Ammo drop. Round 10-15 - By now, your weapons should be weak against the massive hordes of zombies. It is now time to Pack-A-Punch. To P-A-P (Pack-A-Punch) you must use all lunar landers. They are the flying objects that transport you from place to place. In the first round, you will begin the match in one of these. You must open all the doors to P-A-P. When using all landers, go to the room where you turned on the power and you will find a screen with a picture of a rocket that is completely colored. It shows that you have used all landers. Press a button that says, 'Activate', and a rocket to your left will fly. Go to the end of the room that the rocket was in and turn to your right, for the Pack-A-Punch machine is there. Round 15-Death - Make circles and you will accumulate points. Good Luck!