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Black Ops: Call of the Dead Walkthrough


Another conversation ensues when you get back to the O.S. room.  You'll hear Nikolai going through some alcoholic withdrawal and then he'll say that he needs some "wodka".  You'll need at least two people to grab the vodka.  It will be stuck in a block of ice in one of a few locations, listed below.  One person will have to slash the ice with their knife while another stands below and catches the bottle so it doesn't break.  If you happen to miss, the bottle will pop up in a different location.

Possible Bottle Locations

1.From the O.S. room, go up the stairs and to the right out the door.  As soon as you go out the door, look up and you'll see it frozen to the corner of the railing.

2.Same as the first one, but when you walk out of the door, turn the corner to the stairs.  It will be frozen to the stairs on the right hand side.

3.This one is on the ship with the power switch.  From the starting area, go up toward the ship.  Once on the ship, go straight past the stairs and look up to your left.  It's frozen to the railing.

Once someone has the bottle in hand, head back to the O.S. room and to the left of the metal door you will see a little vacuum tube.  Put the vodka into the tube and get ready to rack your brain on...


At this point, you'll hear some more conversation, during which the good Doctor Richtofen will say that he needs a Golden Rod for some reason (I don't believe he ever explains what it's for, weird..).  It would seem that they leave you high and dry here, not really telling you what to do next.  Well, that's why you have this guide.  Head over to the Lighthouse and open all the stairs up. 

On each floor of the Lighthouse is a dial that has a color.  From top to bottom, they are yellow, orange, blue, and purple.  The code that needs to be set is 2746.  So, yellow at 2, orange at 7, blue at 4, and purple at 6.  This is where there is a lot of misinformation in guides.  This is going to be the most confusing part, because it isn't quite the same every time, but it's still pretty simple if you understand it.

Each time you hit a dial, it will move that dial, plus any dial adjacent to it.  So, to put it simply, if I hit the yellow dial, it moves the top 2 floors dials.  If I hit the orange dial, it moves the top three floors dials.  If I hit the blue dial, it moves the bottom three floors dials.  The purple dial moves the bottom two floors dials

The Dial Procedure

1.Go to the yellow dial and turn it to 2.

2.Look to see what number orange is on, but don't turn it.  Go down 1 floor and turn the blue dial until the orange dial is at 7.  For instance, if orange is at 3, you will need to turn the blue dial 4 times.  The reason we do this is so we can move the orange dial without changing the yellow dial.

3.Go down to the bottom floor and set the purple dial to 6.

4.Now, the only dial that should be incorrect is the blue dial.  Look at the number on the blue dial but don't turn it.  Go up 1 floor and turn the orange dial until blue is at 4.  For instance, if blue is at 8, you'll have to turn orange 6 times.

5.  Once blue is at 4, just go back up to the yellow switch and turn it back to 2.  This should also fix the orange switch below it.

I hope that wasn't too confusing, but once you play with the switches for a minute it's easier to understand.  If you're wondering how the heck you're supposed to know that code, it's because there are little slips of paper by some of the perk machines that have a color and a number on them. 

Anyway, once you have 2746 set into the Lighthouse, it's time to move on to...


There are quite a few radios strewn about this map, but there are four in particular that you're looking for, and they have to be pressed in a specific order, so I hope no one's been playing with anything.  They are short, wide, black blacks and these are their locations.  YOU MUST HIT THEM IN THIS ORDER.

Radio Locations in Order

1.The 1st radio can be found in the room underneath the power switch.  Across from the spot where the mystery box can appear, and to the right of the window that zombies can tear down, there is a terminal with a radio sitting on top of it.  PRESS THIS FIRST.

2.The 2nd radio is in the same building that you had to blow up the 4th security generator from.  When you enter the building, turn right.  In the corner, sitting on top of a barrel will be the radio.  Note that there are two radios in here, you want the one on the barrel, not the one under the garage door.  PRESS THIS SECOND.

3.For radio number 3 take the zip-line down from the top of the Lighthouse.  Go down the small set of steps and turn right.  Pass the window on your left and inside a shipping crate next to some barrels is the 3rd radio.  It's sitting up on it's side.  PRESS THIS THIRD.

4.The 4th and final radio is in the O.S. room underneath the stairs and on top of the terminal.  PRESS THIS LAST.

If this was done correctly, you should see a blinking light in the sky over by the 3rd radio, and hear a message in Morse code describing what to do next.  While I'm sure most of you know Morse code and can decipher this message yourself, I'm going to continue this guide for the few out there who don't.


Time for an easy step.  Head up to the room with the power switch in it.  Across from the switch are a number of controls.  A wheel in the middle and three levers to the right of it.  To turn the wheel left, press it on the left.  To turn it right, press it on the right.

This is simple.  Just turn the wheel twice to the right.  Pull the lever on the left once.  Don't touch lever in the middle.  Pull the lever on the right 3 times.

When done properly you will hear a foghorn sound off in the distance and the Morse code should stop.  Now we're off to...


You may have already noticed the foghorns outside of the Lighthouse area and wondered what they're for.  They have to be pressed in a certain order for this step.  Some people have told me that the order changes, but this order has worked for me every single time.  If someone finds that this doesn't work, or knows of a different sequence that will work sometimes, let me know and I'll update with credit.  PRESS THE FOGHORNS IN THIS ORDER!

1.From the bottom of the Lighthouse, go out the door that leads outside.  Hug the wall to your left and you'll come upon the 1st foghorn in front of a pool of water.

2.Start at the bottom of the Lighthouse again, but this time go out the other door.  Go to the right and slide down the ice slide.  Move past the Speed Cola on your right and as soon as you exit the cave look right.  You should see the 2nd horn tucked away in the corner.

3.Once again, from the bottom of the Lighthouse, go out the door you went out to get to the first horn, but this time hug the right wall and you should see horn three not too far outside.

4.One more time from the bottom of the Lighthouse, go out the back and down the ice slide.  Instead of turning right out of the cave, go straight to the big rock.  The horn is on the other side of this rock.

After hitting the foghorns in the correct order, a submarine will appear and shine a green beam of light into the top of the Lighthouse and down through the middle of the spiral staircase.  Coming into the home stretch now.

STEP 9 - OMG!!!!!  DIE!!!!!!!

This is pretty much the hardest step out of all of this.  Remember that V-R11 I was talking about earlier?  Now you need it.  You're going to want to get about 3-5 crawlers at the end of a round for this next part.  Lure a crawler near the Lighthouse and hit him with the V-R11 to turn him back into a human.  Once he's a human he'll run into the green light and start getting pulled up to the top of the Lighthouse.  You need to kill him before he gets to the top of the Lighthouse.

Killing this guy isn't easy.  You need to UNLOAD on him.  It may take a few tries.  Try getting Semtex and as soon as you hit him with the V-R11, everyone unload them on him.  You might also want a Ray Gun and a Pack-A-Punched gun or two.  If you're lucky enough to have a Scavenger you can kill him in three shots.  As soon as he turns into a human, hit him with a full Scavenger clip.  He should be dead as soon as they blow up.  Good luck with it.

When you do finally kill him the Golden Rod will float down from the top of the Lighthouse.  Go grab it and head back to the O.S. room!


When you get back, send the Golden Rod through the vacuum tube you used for the vodka.  After a minute, you'll hear the teleporter power up and then shut down.  You'll hear the Doctor say that they need another fuse.  Just run over to the fuse and knife it a couple of times to fix it.  Dempsey, Takeo, Nikolai, and The Doctor will thank you and bid you farewell as they take off to one of the other 114 teleporters.


Your reward for doing all of this will be two achievements,  [Ensemble Cast] for 45G and [Stand-In] for 35G, if you didn't already unlock it in single player.  You will also unlock two gamer pics of Takeo and Nikolai.

The big payoff here though is the Wunderwaffe DG-2 that's left behind for you.  It seems to have no time limit and Max Ammo will refill it.  Only one person can pick it up, but once you pick it up, you can kill George and he'll drop another one, even if you start a new game.

There are a couple of downsides to the Wunderwaffe, though.  It's not very fast.  It takes a while to reload and, worst of all, you can't put it away.  If you have it, you have to use it until you run out of ammo, or you're downed.

I know a lot of people have hated on this map, but I had a great time with it, and I still haven't gotten tired of trying to hit a higher wave on it.  I can't wait to see what Treyarch delivers next and I'm excited to see if the Golden Rod comes into the story in the next map.  Other than that, I hope this was helpful to some people out there, and thanks for reading.  Happy zombie hunting!


I just want to give a big thank you to anyone who helped with this guide.  There are too many people to name.  From my friends that sat with me and were just as excited as me every time we figured out a new step (UndeadKingMako and Kinder Mortem, I'm looking at you), to the random gamertags that dropped in our game to add some info, to whoever it is that originally deciphered the Morse code and posted it online for everyone.  There is quite simply NO WAY I could have figured all of this out on my own.  This guide belongs to and was created by the CoD community, I just wrote it for them.