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Call of Duty: Black Ops

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  • Blog Post: An underrated version

    Nintendo has always had problems with third-party games, and its no different here. The big problem everybody thinks is the graphics. I have played Black Ops on the PS3 and the graphics are okay. Of course the Wii version can't support HD. I think it would be better with a classic controller. Overall...
  • Blog Post: Black Ops for Wii

    Call of Duty Black Ops is an awesome game on the 360/PS3. The same cannot be said for Black Ops on the Wii. The first thing you'll notice about the game is that the graphics are terrible. The game looks like it was made in the '90s. I know the Wii doesn't have good graphics, but they're...
  • Blog Post: COD BLACK OPS 89

    This Game just failed to live up to the hype.
  • Blog Post: CoD Black Ops Reflex

    The reason not many people are arguing with GI's review here is because we already put all the same arguments forward when GI gave Modern Warfare Reflex the same score. This game does provide a different gameplay style (arguably more realistic) in that you can aim your gun inpendtally of turning...
  • Blog Post: black operation wii review

    The game is basically the same thing but with worse graphics. but one thing i have to say is that GI the original version has 24 players not 16
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