Black Ops Blowout.

I think it’s a rule that when you first get in the lobby in Black Ops, you scream into your mic and say anything mean that comes to your head. This has been going on since the first years of Call of Duty. But, this is seriously every single game I go to. There are quite a few things that take place, I can actually put them all into categories.

Racism: This is the number one thing I hear. White kids flashing “The N Word” and telling kids to go back to Africa. It’s ridiculous, but sometimes you run into a cool black kid who will just laugh and won’t take it seriously; when this happens the white kid doesn’t know what to do. It usually ends up with the black kid being top of the leader boards and the white kid not talking for the rest of the game, and sometimes even quitting early. The stuff the black kids say isn’t quite as funny though, they seem to quit early. Something like shut up you stupid cracka, and then it ends. I would love to see it turn out differently though.

Ragging on the little kid: This one is mostly sad to me, because no matter what, the older kid always wins. I want the younger kid to win sometimes. Most of the time the younger kid stutters or something and the older kid says, shut up, you haven’t even seen boobs yet you don’t know anything. Which is most likely true, but that has nothing to do with the game. The little kid usually doesn’t have anything to say and just shuts up, sometimes they try and fail..Epicly. It’s very sad. But, I do see this very often.

Big Man Fights: These are so hilarious. They are usually between the twenty year olds. Mostly white guys. It sort of reminds me of Jersey Shore, to this day I have no clue why, but it’s always so loud and a test of how fast you can come back with well..come backs. So this is how these usually happen, one guy calls another guy a tool, the other guy throws a few curse words and tells him how big his “guns” are. Then the tool caller says I’ll meet you right now, where do you live. The other guy gives his address, there is no way of knowing if it’s correct, obviously. Then the guy gets offline and leaves the game. And, from then on nobody knows what happens. But, I can take a good guess. I think the guy gets offline and makes something to eat, watches TV and forgets about what happened.

The Skill Fights: Usually between sixteen and seventeen year olds. This is a fight about who is better. Which, will last the entire game. These are so annoying to me. And this is 99 percent of the time how they begin. Some kid that is way too into the game complains to one kid that he modded his controller and is cheating, then the kid says yeah right you just suck. And I’m guessing from then on, you know what happens. Killing no other man counts between these two, just each other. It’s horrible to hear some kid screaming about getting killed. But, luckily this is the one I hear less often believe it or not.

So, I decided to test this. Let’s name these four categories, Racism will be A. Ragging On The Little Kid will be B. Big Man Fights will be C. The Skill Fights will be D.  I went to ten games and this is what I ran in to.

First Game: C
Second Game:  A
Third Game: C
Fourth Game: B
Fifth Game: C
Sixth Game: C
Seventh Game: D
Eighth Game: A
Ninth Game: A
Tenth Game: C

(All recorded today.)