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  • I recently just beat Black Ops.  The game is good, but I don't believe it lives to the hype of Game of the Year that everyone believed it would.  I don't feel like the entire game is completely original in some of its presentation and I felt like it pulled from the original Modern Warfare, Half Life, and maybe even a little Halo.  Zombies feels repetitive until you beat the game and get to play with a new cast of characters.  As far as game play goes it pulls heavily from the World at War Veteran AI and popping out of nowhere, at least it doesn't suffer from grenade spamming like the WaW campaign.  I haven't dove to deep into multiplayer, but it doesn't have the same flare to me as MW2.  What do all the level headed players think? Do you agree, disagree, or are you going to spam this with hate messages? 

  • This game is a major disappointment. I expected something at least as good as MW2.  The graphics are horrible, sounds are worse, online game play is choppy at best.   This game lacked every single thing that makes a FPS intense.  Comparing this game to MW2 is impossible.   They're not even in the same league.  I'd like to get my $60.00 back.

  • Visually I thought a lot of the game looked good, I just got tired of the constant bombardment of falling or caught in an explosion. I forgot to mention this but it had a Bioshock feel as well

  • I'm going to complete the single player mode then it'll collect dust or be exchanged for something else.   If IW is getting back into the game for MW3 then we'll be back in business.  I guess that I was expecting B.O to be like MW2 set in a different time, different story line.  I expected the look and feel to be the same.  What a major let down.

  • I lucked out when cause my room mate bought it

  • I liked the game overall, but you all are right the game was disappointing. I was intrigued by the plot of the single player and enjoyed up to its crazy ending. However, Treyarch erased much of what i liked from MW2. Which understandable they should set themselves apart, but if i die because of a re-spawn kill one more time, I'm getting my exchange money from Gamestop.

  • Pretty good single player.. but not perfect.. almost seemed like a repetitive shooting-and-running-to-cover manuever throughout the entire campaign. The multiplayer is okay but needs more maps and the gameplay isn't great. Yes, the new COD points system is a good idea along with the extra custumizable weapons and character models but it's the actual online gameplay that matters to me. And sure enough, not only have the graphics taken an unsatisfying leap backwards from the stunning examples set in MW2, but also the background music and soundtracks. Overall, Black Ops is a disappointment... I expected more from this game and it seems like Black Ops is just another addition to Treyarch's unforgivable streak of mediocre COD games. In the end... I think I'm still gonna be playing MW2

  • While this campaign is my favorite so far, I don't think it stands up to the rest of the years releases as GotY.

    Personally I nominate Mass Effect 2.

  • I never got around to play ME2 but from what I have heard and seen it looks like a good solid choice

  • I wouldn't usually do this however, I have to retract my previous post about my utter hatred of Black Ops.   I'm not sure if it was that my blinders were up because I expected it to be another MW2 or my determination to try and like the game because of the $60.00 price tag.  Needless to say as of this post I'm totally addicted.  Nothing less than my complete addiction to MW2.  Once I got over the fact that the graphics weren't  MW2, the dynamics of fire fights, getting hit markers, keeping the weapons tuned into their intended targets etc. I started to actually enjoy the game.  I played through single player and found it to be pretty good.  Then I figured what the h*ll, I'll give the multi-player one more go. So after two hours I couldn't believe that I had found myself completely enthralled and immersed in its game play.  It is  perhaps more challenging  than MW .  It may take a tad bit more skill to start getting kills.  Once you do and you understand the dynamics of the game as you have previous FPS's that you may have loved you'll see what I mean.   Sure the graphics aren't MW2, the sounds aren't as intense as MW2.  The more you play the game though the less these quirks become overwhelming issues and you find yourself actually enjoying the game.  The maps could use improvement and the issue of getting spawn fu*ked is annoying especially on maps like Nuketown but you'll kill and be killed.  This too be will become less of an issue as you anticipate a respawn behind you and take the guy out before he has a chance at you.  I've gotten so good at this that I tend to watch my back more than I've ever needed to in previous games thus upping my K.T.D ratio.  If you were like me and up in arms at losing your $60.00 and upset at the fact that this wasn't like MW2 I say this.  Get it out of your mind that you're not playing your previous/current favorite FPS.  Allow yourself some time to grow with the game, using the points system to unlock weapons, attachments, perks, and earn kill streak rewards.  If after a few more hours of game play if your not satisfied then exchange it and wait to see if IW gets over their debacle with Activision and wait for MW3.   I on the other hand will be playing Black Op's.  Catch me on PS3 call sign LoPing.  

  • I have tried really hard to like Black Ops. I've spent the last week working up to the first prestige and while the game has MANY fun new features, there are simple things that make a FPS addicting and fun that this game lacks. First off, I have to admit the new character and gun customizations are awesome. The wager matches are probably the best new addition to the Call of Duty franchise, zombies are always addicting when you have friends over, and Treyarch did a good job on the campaign as they usually do. My favorite part was listening to Sympathy for the Devil while cruising on a gunboat. However once I started playing online, I began to nitpick and could not stop. First of all I never realized how crucial spawn point placement was until they mucked it up in this game. While the new maps and guns are, well new maps and guns, nothing compares to wielding a barret 50 cal. The graphics simply aren't as good as MW2 and I waited for someone else to say this before I admitted it out loud.The guns sound more like fire crackers than actual firearms and I still can't imagine gunfire from a helicopter sounding like it does in the seventh kill streak. I also can't stand when people say you can't compare it to MW2. I very well can and we all should. It's the NEW COD. They should take what they has in every aspect and at least progress from there. I would rather have spent $60 on a new map pack with a couple new guns and perks for MW2.  It's so disappointing that we have to wait two years from the good Call of Duties to be released. I now find myself hoping that in 12 months Infinity Ward will have gotten their act together and taken some of the customization ideas from Black Ops and integrated them into MW3. The new Call of Duty can best be described as the new hot girl that's cool to hookup with in the beginning but as you get to know her she's really just not worth the hassle.

  • I respect and understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinions.  Doesn't make them right "hence the reason they're opinions".  I think older gamers who have been around the FPS block a few times make the adjustment from game to game better than people who's first love was MW2 or any other FPS.  

    To add to your "hot girl" theory.  If Modern Warfare 2 was your first love then you'll always be comparing everyone to her.   Older gamers like myself have been around the block a few times... I've transitioned from CS, COD and MOH on PC to console.  Halo on Xbox back to MW2 on PS3 (only to name a few).  I'm a FPS ***, you see?  So its easier for me to pick up B.O and exploit everything great she has to offer until the next best thing comes along.  In the mean time if I need a late night booty call from MW2 she'll always be there for me.   For now though.. it's Black Beauty.. she's fresh and puts a new spin on an age old concept.

  • The Game is worthy of  " Game of the Year" but not the wii version. The concept and multiplayer is perfected. But the wii just screwed the experience. I enjoy the PS3 more.

  • I'm actually really glad you mentioned the first love thing because it really made me think about what I was comparing the game to. If I had to place it I'd say my first love was Goldeneye. From there I went to Halo, Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory, Halo 2, and both Modern Warfares. Every other game I played (when it came to multiplayer) was a disappointment because they failed to be as ground breaking in my opinion. I think other people would agree, another game that failed to meet the hype when compared to other games in it's franchise was Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (1.5). That's exactly how I felt when I played Block Ops. After my first couple online matches I thought crap this is World at War 1.5. but kept playing because A) I didn't want to be that stubborn blind hater guy B) EVERYONE on my friends list has it and any game even MW2 just isn't as fun when your buds are playing something else and C) I was curious to see what the different camos, face paints and player card unlocks looked like. I guess it's really my fault for having such high hopes for the game when I've been disappointed with every other Treyarch product.

  • You know gameinformer you suck at reviews its not all about whos graphics are better you know but the guy who reviewed the wii version needs to find another job cause he is a stupid critic who doesnt know how to review a good game even if it bit him in the butt.The other game sites give the wii version black ops a solid review and their critics are btter then gameformers critics.

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