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Blck ops: zombies

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  • The zombies on this game is al least 3 times better than WaW. Yes i got the prestige edition and love playing the old maps with more modern weapons. The game play is easier and harder in different ways. For one the using of the knife or as i call it a prison shank dont ask y, but it is faster, and on solo when u buy quick revive you revive yourself so there fore it is alot easier. But here comes the hard part when you buy a gun at first its like XD. Then after about 5 min its like : ( aww S*** i ran out of ammo.

        I like the concept of the new zombies (the alien looking ones) but they really p*** me off and the president level is hard as *** but still i love a challenge and will always accept one. The arcade lvl wasnt the best but i cant complain i hardly got to play. Oh ya by the way i love the commentary from the characters and the presidents. anyway im out Pl4y3r500 on xbox live P3pp3r1sh3r3 on psn atleast i think thats what it is and btw it says pepper is here not petercheeks or pepper spear.

             P.S.  tell me wether u think that theater map is based on inglorious bastads or not. and whether infinty ward is better than treyach altho treyach will win but i want to see the losers who like the modern warfare crap

  • I love the zombie mode, sadly I don't have Black Ops yet, but it's the only reason I still play World at War. On another note calling people who play Modern Warfare losers is a bit much in opinion, yeah Modern Warfare 2 may have been glitchy online, but from what I hear it was Activision's fault for not allowing them time to do a beta.






  • I think the zombies on Black Ops started off very strong but the map that really killed it for me was Call Of The Dead. Don't get me wrong all the maps are very fun and extremely creative but they need better Perk-A-Colas, more creative wonder guns, and, quite frankly,  a new plot. The idea of the four WW2 factions teaming up for the good of all mankind was good for WAW but if you think about the time period the game is in now then you start to realize that sometimes too much of a good thing becomes bad.

    On another topic, I never really noticed this but yes the theater does look like it's from inglorious basterds. Clearly, they had to redo it to fit with the zombies story line a little bit but for the most part it does look like inglorious basterds!

    And for the record I DO think Infinity Ward is better in terms of campaign but when it come to multiplayer Treyarch owns and when you get right down to it the multiplayer is really what matters because as soon as you beat campaign all you play is multiplayer!

  • Who made the song for this video?

  • I love playing zombies and yes the zombies in black ops are much easier then the ones in Wolrd at War. Black ops has better maps and better guns but I do run out of ammo pretty often which is the only downside.


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