Hey guys, just wanted to post my game plan for what I do on hardcore S&D. First off, get someone to create a distraction and have 2 people follow him/her, or more but no more than 4. Next have one person go the opposite way to have the enemy confused. After he/she goes, have the guy with the bomb follow into the crowd of 4 people and plant the bomb. Have a team of 2 go to the other bomb and "cover" it. Try to plant some claymore by the bomb that is not active if you want, then run over to the other bomb. But keep at least one person at the bomb.


If you want to get some gun recommendations, i have non. I just like using a silencer on my AR and have dual Pythons :D

If your teammates die before you can get everything in place, then just split the team up into 2 and 3 people and run like hell, haha.

Post what you think and if it needs anything, im trying to make a really good guild to multi-player games and i need some criticism 

I hope this helps a couple of people out there, this is just my main strategy for every game I do with my friends haha, peace out