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Call of Duty: Black Ops

Zombies Infiltrate The Moon In Black Ops Rezurrection Trailer

Watch as developer Treyarch breaks down the lunar invasion of the undead in this new video.

Zombies on the moon?! That's right. In addition to re-releasing the four World at War maps that kicked off the Call of Duty zombie craze, the Call of Duty: Black Ops Rezurrection DLC pack includes a new map that takes the zombie invasion into orbit. Check out the brain hungry astronauts in this video:

The Rezurrection DLC pack is coming to the Xbox 360 on August 23 for 1200 Microsoft Points. Expect the PS3 and PC versions about a month or so later.

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  • The Moon!!!!! At least they're going off with a bang :)
  • CoD is known for its realism... Gravity?
  • Zombies has turned into something that I hate. I sat there tring to "find the focusing stone" on Shangri-La. I was two hours in (about 2/3s of the way) and someone f**ked it up. Those easter eggs have gotten ridiculous. Its no longer about wave defense, its about do a bunch of random crap so you can see a certain easter egg.
  • while treyarch may not make the best multiplayer expierience, this is what puts them above infinity ward...
  • The zombies are in SPAAAAAACE now? Awesome!
  • For me, that felt like a well done Developer Diary because it focused in the Past, Present, and Future of this game mode, while keeping it interesting. And, while this looks neat, and somewhat fun, I wont be getting it because of the fact that cod has so repetitive lately. I just hope Modern Warfare 2 can freshen up its act. But for now, my bets on Battle Field 3 for FPS of the year.
  • I hope the 'Moon' zombies map won't be disappointing like Shangri-la was.
  • I love zombies, Call of the Dead was weak but Shangri La was amazing and I can't wait to play Moon. Also, its free for me!
  • I prefer a full fledged zombie game like Left 4 Dead, this stuff is just too predictable and easy.

  • The Moon?
  • very intersing well we know ther not gonna get us on the moon

  • mehhhh, im done with black ops
  • I hate Black Ops but I really want to play this. :(

  • Space...Final Frontier...Hopefully...

  • Boo-yah, space zombies! I always thought the last map would be Area 51, but this is just as good! I wonder how complicated the Easter Egg is going to get this time? What do the 2 new wonder weapons do? Any new bosses or zombies, or some entirly new enemy? What cool new perks and features?

    Can't wait to get it! Plus four old maps revamped; this is gonna be sweet. (and a soundtrack!)

    BTW: Spaaaaaaaaaaace!!!
  • Umm...Did I just see a zombie get all blotted up by a gun and then explode as well as a duel wielding other alien gun? Awesome. I don't know why all the people commenting here are mentioning that black ops is repetitive when zombies is almost a completely different game. I'm pretty sure that all the people who play zombies will agree with me that zombies is really fun and NOT repetitive. And someone here mentioned that cod is known for its reality. You, my good sir, have never played cod then. I'm pretty sure the helicopters blowing up every day(in campaign) and zombies are not realistic. It's just fun.
  • Did I see a total of 3 new weapons?

  • Im definitely buying this one!

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