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  • Blog Post: Black Ops: Great game

    Even though I prefer shooters like Battlefield and Homefront which go for larger battles with lots of vehicles and soldiers, I find it almost impossible not to be impressed by Treyarch's great FPS. I think that it is the co-op zombies mode and the epic campaign that make this a great game, since... More
  • Blog Post: Great game

    (SEE XBOX 360 REVIEW) More
  • Blog Post: Call of Duty: Black Ops User Review

    I used to be really into the run-and-gun of the FPS genre, but it seems I've lost touch with it. The first set of games that really turned me into a hardcore gamer were games in the Halo and Call of Duty franchises. But after the Open-World universes of Mass Effect and such, where I could really... More
  • Blog Post: Good Job Treyarch

    Amazing game. Great story, good retelling of historical moments in the Cold War. Graphics are nice, story is great. Online is amazing. More balanced than MW2, you won't get any random bull s**t like you et in MW2. Great new series for treyarch. Zombies returns & are amazing like in World At War... More
  • Blog Post: Once again, different developer, and even better game

    When I first saw Black ops, I knew I wanted immediately. Then, when I got it, it was great. It's not modern warfare, but still a great Call of duty. Graphics pretty good. Call of duty graphics are all right but still really good. Voice actiong is great. Probably one of the best acted call of duty... More
  • Blog Post: Treyarch attempts to go over Infinity Ward's Success, but slightly fails.

    The Treyarch Company that has made COD 3, COD WAW, and this game, became short on reviving the best of the Call of Duty series Infinity Ward has put on. The concept of this game is like Modern Warfare but in the year of 1968. The graphics are not predictable as Treyarch takes another step in making highly... More
  • Blog Post: Infinity Ward did a better job.

    When Infinity Ward made MW2, I used to hate it, but now its my favorite game of all time. When Treyarch tried to copy Infinity Ward's ingenuity, they utterly failed. Firstly, CO-OP MULTIPLAYER, disappointing add-on. that killed it. Oh, and the campaign disappointed me as well. Zombies and Wager Match... More
  • Blog Post: Treyarch Makes Another Epic Call of Duty

    We all know that Call of Duty is probably one of the biggest games in gaming history, and besides Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops seems to be one of the most popular. Treyarch seemed to really recreate the whole Call of Duty series from this point forward, and I think companies like Infinity Ward have brought... More
  • Blog Post: Black Ops failed to deliver anything too special

    Call of Duty is a very popular game and I know my review of this will get many frowns but this game had cool things but what I expected from it disappointed me. I love Modern Warfare 1 and 2, their stories were fresh and interesting. Black Ops changed what happened in history which disappointed me. I... More
  • Blog Post: best game i have played in a long time

    one of the best games i have played in a long time and i have been playing for many years now i cant wait for MW# More
  • Blog Post: A Great Game

    Well first off, I will talk about the disappointing campaign. The campaign was fun and excellent but the very last mission was such a total disappointment, but overall it was great fun. I truly got into the story and just in the battles was simply exciting. Its just that last mission..ehh. The multiplayer... More
  • Blog Post: A step backwards in the trend of call of duty

    Call of duty is definatly one of my favorite FPS's out there. Now Black ops has it's ups and downs. Now the story is better. However it still doesn't have compelling characters as a cod game should have. But don't get me wrong this is definatly the best story out there. Now for gameplay... More
  • Blog Post: Great game but a few drawbacks.

    This is a great game with awesome replay-ability. The Campaign is Spectacular with constant action that never leaves the play bored. Even the cut-scenes are full of action! The Multiplayer is also great with 26 maps out right now and 10 Zombie maps (If you have all the DLC). This game is just awesome... More
  • Blog Post: game

    this is agame a game where you do things many like things More
  • Blog Post: CoD:Black Ops Review

    Call of Duty Black Ops is one of the best Call of Duty games. The singeplayer isn't that great but, there is worse in the video game history. The multiplayer as always is what makes this game as good as it is. In MW2 unlocking gear was based on rank but, in this game the equipment is bought via a... More
  • Blog Post: Treyarc can do better!

    Black Ops was my first Call of Duty and it was somwat good. I like the campain. It was solid and had a great story. Zombies was great i love rackin those points in late rounds, but the early rounds were to BORING. Multiplayer is kinda good it just doesnt have a lasting appeal to me. Oh yeah i hate sniping... More
  • Blog Post: An underrated version

    Nintendo has always had problems with third-party games, and its no different here. The big problem everybody thinks is the graphics. I have played Black Ops on the PS3 and the graphics are okay. Of course the Wii version can't support HD. I think it would be better with a classic controller. Overall... More
  • Blog Post: Black Ops: Delivers?

    Now don't get me wrong, Call of Duty: Black Ops is quite the package. An impressive and elaborate single-player campaign, Fast-paced and exciting multi-player, and the always-addictive zombies mode. However, there's something missing from this Cold War entry in the famous FPS franchise. For example... More
  • Blog Post: Call of Duty: Crap Ops

    I have purchased only two Call of Duty titles before this. Both were very fun, however I have changed my mind on this one. It was entertaining for about one weekend before I realized that I died too much if I really wanted to go out there, and I got no kills if I didn't go online and memorize different... More
  • Blog Post: *sigh*

    yeah, well.... I found this game to be simply average. It's alright, not bad or boring or anything, just... Average. It felt like more modern warfare 2, but not as fun. The multiplayer is OK, but most of the maps don't really stand out in any way. Beating up statues in Nuketown is amusing, at... More
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