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  • Blog Post: Treyarch attempts to go over Infinity Ward's Success, but slightly fails.

    The Treyarch Company that has made COD 3, COD WAW, and this game, became short on reviving the best of the Call of Duty series Infinity Ward has put on. The concept of this game is like Modern Warfare but in the year of 1968. The graphics are not predictable as Treyarch takes another step in making highly... More
  • Blog Post: well what do you know, another cool game.

    black ops is a very fun game when it comes to the multiplayer. the constant cussing in the multiplayer makes me laugh because of all the 12 year old's getting mad at me and my team for beating them. the story is a very intriguing one as it confuses you at first and leaves you off with a good ending... More
  • Blog Post: O.K.

    Ok, first of all, its definetley not the same as it is on Xbox or PS3. Secondly, its just not the same and i like MW2 better than Black Ops anyways. More
  • Blog Post: Call of Duty is Awsome

    I would have to say that call of duty: black ops is about the best call of duty so far. i just hope that they come out with more. More
  • Blog Post: blackops

    call of duty black ops is one of the best games ever, the multiplayer is awsome,the grapichs are great but i wish it would of continued on what happened in mw2 in the campaign at the end More
  • Blog Post: BLACK OPS PWNS!

    Spoiler Alert! This article contains spoilers about the single-player campaign of Call of Duty: Black Ops. When I first got my hands on this game I was so excited. I popped the disc into my PC, attached my gamepad and waited for the 10 minute installation which felt like forever. After waiting 30 more... More
  • Blog Post: CoD:BO

    Another year brings us yet another Call of Duty, this time in the form of a Treyarch title. Does Black Ops answer the call or does it fall one kill short of a spy plane? Gameplay The formula hasn't changed much for CoD over the years and it stays true to form in Black Ops. The controls are basically... More
  • Blog Post: why Call of Duty: Black Ops is awesome

    I loved playing through this game, It might have been more enjoyable if I wasn't playing on veteran mode but I did enjoy the story line. I would have never thought that they would put you in control of someone with a psychotic disorder. I'm use to the cut and dry characters with no problems.... More
  • Blog Post: Black Ops

    About as good of a game as you can play. Makes you forget all about Modern Warfare 2 and the horrible glitch filled mess it was. Great game Treyarch! If you haven't gotten this game yet, then you should be ashamed of yourself. lol More
  • Blog Post: Treyarch Finally Catches up with Infinity Ward

    Call of Duty: Black Ops , while not as hyped as modern warfare two was last year, did not fail to create the same feel as the previous entries. The single player campaign, to say the least, is explosive and a hell of a good time. It feels on par with Modern Warfare's stellar campaign. It expertly... More
  • Blog Post: Took a while but I'm "In the Money"!

    Once you get over the fact that this isn't Modern Warfare 2 you'll be open to everything this game is. It's as simple as this.. Black Op's takes more skill to play and get decent at. If you're blinders are on and you don't give yourself an opportunity to appreciate everything... More
  • Blog Post: This is a new story, not just a prequel!

    The campaign is HIGHLY underrated. Just cause they used machine guns and killed bad guys doesn't mean it's MW2 all over again. This is completely different! This is one where you go kill on an assassination mission in which you stay behind to save the others, escape a prison with one of the heroic... More
  • Blog Post: Grestest Call of Duty yet,and possibly ever.

    Treyarch has been the the less-exiting side of the Call of Duty series but this time they switch things around by making one of the greatest story in gaming history and one of the funniest multiplayer in recent history.The story itself is outstanding,yes i would say its less epic then MW2 but barley... More
  • Blog Post: call of duty

    I think call of duty was fun all the time. I like the environments and graphics. I think this game will last along time. I give it a 10 of 10. More
  • Blog Post: cod black ops

    It was fun lots of action More
  • Blog Post: Best one so far!!

    This was the best COD I have played so far. I loved how they went from the end of WWII to the cold war this was a thrilling outstanding campaine from start to finish.. I can't speak highly enough about this game this is a must play for all COD fans to me it blows MWF2 out of the water.. But I'm... More
  • Blog Post: Pampered Journalists Sold This Game

    This game fails in so many ways it is amazing that Treyarch and Activision released this. It's no wonder they spent tens of thousands of dollars pampering professional reviewers, there is no other way they would give this game a good score. CoD Black Ops is just a plain bad game, and I'm ashamed... More
  • Blog Post: Worth the wait

    Like GI says, Treyarch's best game yet. The campaign is awseomte It's explosive, deeper than any other Call of Duty I can remember, and has a great start. When it gets to the old Call of Duty grind (shoot wave, move on, shoot wave, mov eon, etc.) it faulters. but hey, that happens in every Call... More
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