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  • Blog Post: Treyarch attempts to go over Infinity Ward's Success, but slightly fails.

    The Treyarch Company that has made COD 3, COD WAW, and this game, became short on reviving the best of the Call of Duty series Infinity Ward has put on. The concept of this game is like Modern Warfare but in the year of 1968. The graphics are not predictable as Treyarch takes another step in making highly... More
  • Blog Post: CoD Black Ops Reflex

    The reason not many people are arguing with GI's review here is because we already put all the same arguments forward when GI gave Modern Warfare Reflex the same score. This game does provide a different gameplay style (arguably more realistic) in that you can aim your gun inpendtally of turning... More
  • Blog Post: Not Again

    Another year another Call of Duty. This game is pretty good actually (hence the 8 of 10, and not something lower), but it does have some issues. First off the graphics are nothing special. They're not the worst, but not the best. The facial animation is great, and the overall animation is pretty... More
  • Blog Post: black operation wii review

    The game is basically the same thing but with worse graphics. but one thing i have to say is that GI the original version has 24 players not 16 More
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