Even though I prefer shooters like Battlefield and Homefront which go for larger battles with lots of vehicles and soldiers, I find it almost impossible not to be impressed by Treyarch's great FPS. I think that it is the co-op zombies mode and the epic campaign that make this a great game, since the multiplayer is fun but offers not too much new content and in my opinion most of the multiplayer modes are very similar.

Not being even close to an expert, I can barely get past round 10 on my own in zombies, and I still find lots to enjoy. The unpredictability of the mystery teddy bear box,  all the perks and upgrades you can buy and being forced to work as a team in co-op makes me want to replay a game of zombies infinite times. I can't imagine how much depth the game has when you get to the double digits and further.

In my opinion the campaign has nothing to show once you finish it once, achievement crazy people will probably replay some missions a couple times for intels and achievements, as i do sometimes, but everything you see the first time is all there is to see. The storyline is great, it's just that sometimes it jumps from one mission to another that have little to no connection whatsoever. This being said, the game exels an virtually all important areas such as graphics, gunplay and sound, making it an extremely enjoyable game.

While I didn't go too deep into the multiplayer, I see it is not too different from other Call of Duty titles, in terms of maps, modes and killstreaks. This is not a bad thing, it's still one of the best FPS multiplayers out there, it's just nothing new. The maps are still great and the weapons are awesome, with customizeable perks and attachents and more. The currency system is great and innovate, freshening up the multiplayers, and the rewards that earn you currency for purchasing weapons made me want to keep playing and progressing my skills with a specific perk, grenade type, piece of equipment or weapon. This new currency system is what separates this Call of Duty entry from other FPS multiplayers and adds a whole new level of depth to the multiplayer and the game itslef.

While I didn't enjoy this game much more (or much less) than Assassin's Creed Brotherhood or Madden NFL 11 (I don't own NFL 12 because they say it sucks) it is one of the very few games that I can confidently say I found no faults in and I found the entire experience enjoyable.

To Summarize:

Concept: Stopping Russia from destroying America after being brainwashed

Graphics: Great, but animations feel fake if you take a closer look, especially in kill cams

Sound: Overall very good, my favorite part is the zombies menu music and the zombies music after you die and the game ends

Playability: Great gunplay, but sprinting doesn't feel very natural

Entertainment: Great game that brings back zombies mode and excells in all areas

Replay: High

G. Mazuera