The Treyarch Company that has made COD 3, COD WAW, and this game, became short on reviving the best of the Call of Duty series Infinity Ward has put on. The concept of this game is like Modern Warfare but in the year of 1968. The graphics are not predictable as Treyarch takes another step in making highly detailed characters and maps. Campaign mode is fun, but not as entertaining as Infinity Ward. Multiplayer is new because of their new Currency System where you can buy and unlock guns instead of leveling up to achieve them in the Modern Warfare series. The brought back Zombies mode from their previous game World at War is improved and new additions to make the game more interactive and fun will make a player comeback for more. The way I see it is that Black Ops is mostly popular for their Zombies Mode as players can play on the Moon, an abandoned warehouse, the lost city of Shangri-La, and more. Overall, Treyarch has made a game that is somewhat close to Modern Warfare but with their own twist of their own.