We all know that Call of Duty is probably one of the biggest games in gaming history, and besides Modern Warfare 3, Black Ops seems to be one of the most popular.

Treyarch seemed to really recreate the whole Call of Duty series from this point forward, and I think companies like Infinity Ward have brought back some of the amazing Black Ops features to the blockbuster Modern Warfare 3, and that's a good thing.

The absolute best part of this game is the Campaign. At first, I thought it was just an average Call of Duty storyline, but I looked beyond it and noticed how amazing it really was. 

You play as Alex Mason in the Cold War. The game starts as Mason strapped to a chair in a interrogation room, unaware of his whereabouts. He is asked several questions about a location of a numbers station.

Throughout the several questions asked by the interrogators, you play through several missions fighting the Vietnamese and Russians, which are all flashbacks. There are a few missions where you play as other characters instead of Mason.

The Campaign is honestly and truthfully one of the best ones yet. I was at first not really excited about it, but it turned out to be incredible, with a high replay value.

Treyarch brought back the Treyarch tradition in Black Ops. The cinematic and famous Zombies mode. This time, the zombies are harder to kill, the maps are larger, and there are more weapons and some unique perks. 

I'd have to say that Zombies is now twice as fun as World at War Zombies. You can still play with up to three other players, and you even unlock a new map based in the Pentagon after completing the Campaign, otherwise known as 'Five'. 

Now for the Multiplayer, which made a massive improvement. The customization of the weapons and the player itself. You can now create your own emblem, put camo and custom sights on your weapon, and even apply face paint to your character. This is what makes Black Ops amazing, and this is why Multiplayer is masterful.

A lot of new game modes and features have also been added, such as Theater mode, which allows the player to upload screenshots and game clips.

Combat Training is also a new game mode, where the player can compete against AI players, alone or with a friend. The cool part is you can play on Multiplayer maps.

Black Ops also features a new currency known as Call of Duty credits, which enable you to buy perks, weapons, and attachments. You can earn these from playing a normal match and doing good, or by Wager Matches, a new type of game mode where you bet your CoD credits in special types of matches.

Personally, I love Wager Matches, not just to earn credits, but to play the special types of modes, that are incredibly fun.

Black Ops really made a change in the series. The graphics may not have changed much, but the game itself did, and it's one great game that's worth buying. A solid addition to the series.