Call of Duty is a very popular game and I know my review of this will get many frowns but this game had cool things but what I expected from it disappointed me.
I love Modern Warfare 1 and 2, their stories were fresh and interesting. Black Ops changed what happened in history which disappointed me. I expected a more realistic storyline from this one. The multiplayer wasn't a big favorite of mine either.
Incorporating the bots for offline players and warm ups was a great idea! But the gameplay whether it was with bots or peers it didn't flow very well.

Offering the new weapons was definitely cool with Ballistic Knives and Explosive crossbows showing more skill than holding down a trigger and letting your machine gun spit bullets. The new perks were sort of cool but they didn't give me anything that felt too new. The gun's camo significance was taken away also which was nice but was a change I wasn't a fan of. The perks were slaughtered in this game, I felt scavenger wasn't worth what it was in MW2, lightweight and marathon pro were different from their old pros which also made it feel lacking. Flak jacket was a pretty good perk to fight noob tubes and random grenade throws but I like using explosives because they are quick and effective, it also broke the tactical part of using a claymore.

The campaign had fun levels but they were the easiest run throughs I've had on Veteran difficulty and the revisiting WaW's characters were cool, I loved seeing my old buddy Reznov again.

Zombies were a big thing in WaW and in this game it made zombies better but I never really was a big fan of zombies in my CoD... i'm not sure why but it just didn't appeal to me.

No doubt this game could have been much better and I am pumped for MW3. it get's a 70/100