Well, we have played this multiplayer before. Black Ops MP is similar to MW and MW2. The maps are okay. I'm not a huge fan of any of the maps in particular. This whole multiplayer just feels like I have played this before and it isn't as good as MW or MW2, although it isn't filled with glitches which is nice. The hit system could still use some work. I never understand how sometimes I get someone in the foot and it is a headshot, then other times I take careful aim and get them in the forehead and I get nothing. I guess it is all because of internet connections somehow, but I wish it was better. 

The multiplayer is the same old thing, but it is fun, and can be addictive. My only complaints are we have done this before, the hit detection, the weapons aren't as cool, and there are too many prestige levels. I got sick of it after about 9 levels. The graphics could use an upgrade too. This looks like the same graphics as MW. The positives of this MP over other COD MPs are the diversity and balance of the maps.

Where this game really earns it's rating is the campaign, which was really really good. Very solid story. This was the best campaign Treyarch has ever made, and rivals the MW story. I wasn't too excited about Vietnam, but when we started in Cuba, then a Russian work camp with Reznov returning from WAW, then Vietnam, it was all pretty solid. The set pieces were good. I like the whole Mason is brainwashed story and the race to find the cells with the NOVA gas.

I think this campaign was a must play. The MP was just the same thing we already have a few copies of, so nothing too great to get excited about. The only negative to the campaign was the AI, some graphics glitches like floating fruit, bodies half in the ground, etc. It was also too short (5-6 hours).