Spoiler Alert! This article contains spoilers about the single-player campaign of Call of Duty: Black Ops. When I first got my hands on this game I was so excited. I popped the disc into my PC, attached my gamepad and waited for the 10 minute installation which felt like forever. After waiting 30 more minutes for Steam to update, I finally had my first taste of Call of Duty: Black Ops. The day before, I had read a Game Informer review on Black Ops, giving it a 9. In a few days, after beating the entire game, and playing much multiplayer, I disagreed with the review. The review stated that the single player missions lacked spectacle. “Was the author high, or drunk when he wrote the review?” I thought to myself. Never, not even once in the campaign, I had ever felt bored, or thought the game had lacked spectacle. Riding a motorcycle out of a prison camp, piloting a Hind attack helicopter, and driving a boat. Many more vehicular and “turret gunner” sequences are presented to the player throughout the campaign. There were a lot of plot twists too. Mixing it up during one level in Viktor Reznov’s flashback with WWII weapons, and my favorite World at War character Dimitri Petrenko succumbing to the Nova 6 gas. Ending with an epic helicopter sequence with the player destroying defenses on a ship, choking the main antagonist to death, and escaping the ship before it sinks. The environment, character models, and lighting effect are top-notch, especially in a mission where the player is in Kowloon, and neon signs appear colorful. The gun models look perfect, and returning guns from Modern Warfare or WaW are changed to match the Cold War era, but some guns are missing some of the finer details that made the guns fun to look at, an example being the RPK with its extremely simplistic design. But, the gun sounds are now more realistic. On multiplayer, CoD points are introduced to the call of duty franchise. Unless you were living in a cave for the past 3 months, you probably already know what CoD points are. Treyarch has saved the call of duty community a lot of frustration thanks to the internal beta that was held with Activision’s studios. However, the PC version is facing minor lag issues. I find myself having lag on some servers even with only 78 ping. This is probably in the hands of Game Servers and should not be blamed on Treyarch; the issue will probably be fixed sooner or later anyways. The killcams also need some tweaking. On Combat Training, which by the way is a perfect start for new comers, and introduces a new way to experiment other than creating a separate account; the killcams are good. In online multiplayer, the killcams skip… a lot. The game winning killcams skip where slow motion is supposed to be. The levels of customization available to the player are fantastic. From making your own emblem, to changing the color of the lens on a scope or reticle. I find myself saying “Just one more match” now more than ever because of the fantastic variety of weapons available. The weapons are all balanced meaning if you unlock a weapon at a high level, it most likely has something worse, be fire rate or range, than a lower level weapon. Killstreaks are more interactive, other than the just call-in-and-forget style of killstreaks in previous titles. Modern Warfare 2 tried to add more interactivity but there was still a massive gap. Black Ops fixes this with fun killstreaks such as the RC-XD, and Gunship. Wager matches are a fun way to gamble cod points and I’ve had a few “Oh!”s when I tomahawk someone in the face in Sticks and Stones. The zombies are extremely addictive as usual, and Dead Ops arcade presents a fun time to the player when he/she wants to “get away” from the main game for a while. After Modern Warfare 2, I thought that no Call of Duty game would ever be better than Call of Duty 4, and that Call of Duty games would continue to get worse and worse. But, this is no doubt the best call of duty game ever. With an epic single player, fun zombie mode, and awesome single player. I was obviously not pampered with a high-def TV at an office , or an awesome stereo system, but I simply played the game at my house like a regular person, and I ended up enjoying the best multiplayer, or single player a game has ever offered me. There will be no doubt some haters. I admit that I had some very fun times with Halo and Battlefield, and I still like playing a round of Team Slayer on Halo, or some good old fashioned deathmatch with cool vehicles on Battlefield every once in a while. But, Treyarch has totally blown me away and showed that Infinity Ward is not the only developer that can make a good Call of Duty game. Black Ops will completely obliterate any woe felt by CoD fans from MW2. I cannot believe the dishonesty that the author of the Call of Duty Black Ops review told. The author called it a Modern Warfare 2.5, and Modern Warfare but in 1968. The game is not only an improvement, but it is a game that will change Call of Duty forever. In no way is it “more of the same.” I have no doubt that people will be playing Black Ops for a long time.