My quick review of Black Ops:  The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

The Good

The campaign was exciting, fun to play and a great narrative.  A lot of twists and an exciting conclusion.  Multiplayer has been overhauled, with customization options plentiful.  Instead of leveling up and unlocking things as you go, multiple weapons and attachments are available and you buy them with credits you earn by fulfilling contracts and finishing games. 

Wager matches are a fun new way to play Call of Duty by every player risking losing their hard-earned credits in order to gain a profit.  The matches also include several new gametypes, all of which are enjoyable.  The customization options are a welcome addition, as you can make your own emblems in an excellent editor. 

Zombies return in full force, with an especially interesting level involving two former Presidents of the United States, a Secretary of Defense, and a cigar smoking dictator.

The Bad

Campaign missions are as hard as ever, and some missions don't have the decency to tell you what to do half the time.  One mission has you going for barrels full of napalm without you knowing that was your objective.  On this mission, I spent nearly 3 hours running and gunning down Vietcong, trying to figure out what I was supposed to be doing.

The beta-free multiplayer returns with its numerous bugs, glitches, and cheaters, making some games impossible to play, but for the most part it functions.  With the exception of one or two games, you can actually play without wanting to hurl your controller.

The Ugly

The graphics in Black Ops have been downgraded from MW2, and some can argue that the violence is far more overboard in this game.  I personally didn't find it offensive or even distasteful, but that's for you to decide.

Also, Ice Cube plays Bowman.  He's annoying as hell whenever I play as the SOG on multiplayer.