The reason not many people are arguing with GI's review here is because we already put all the same arguments forward when GI gave Modern Warfare Reflex the same score.

This game does provide a different gameplay style (arguably more realistic) in that you can aim your gun inpendtally of turning your character (only with the Wii wiggler).  I like the wii wiggler and nunchuck more than the dual analog controller for that reason, and because   I, and my associates, believe that the Wii version of black ops could have been a big ticket title if Treyarch had actually made an engine soley for the wii instead of porting an engine from the other systems.

This complaint aside, the rest of the game is (once the glitches are cleared up by patches) one of the best experiences on the wii.  This game does look good compared to other wii games (which doesn't say much).  Technically, the wii should be capable of noticibly better visuals than the original xbox, so the fact that most of the games on the wii look less visually stunning than many xbox games baffles me.

I think that the Wii's capabilities could have better served to add some ammount of visual effects like "bloom" and more shadow effects and generally higher quality graphics, more than zombie mode, and overly large fully renderred levels.  In fact, loading screens between parts of levels might have allowed for higher quality graphics.  I don't mind seeing more loading screens if it means that the game I'm playing is gonna look much better. 

Unlike on the 360 and Ps3, the Wii has never seen this much online bliss packed into one game.  From the perks to the attachments, there is no other FPS on the wii that offers players this much customization and control over their own character.  Customizing characters is my crack.  Working out the balances of the weapons with the perks is like half the fun for me, so that alone is enough reason for me to weather the storm of glitches and connection problems.  Of course, with Treyarch's patch coming out, I hopefully won't have to deal with the connection problems and bugs much longer.