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Call of Duty: Black Ops

Vomit Flies In New Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombie Trailer

The new Black Ops trailer called Zombie Lab Phase 2 shows undead enrolled into NASA's training program, as well plenty of their ranks getting blown away in low gravity. I cannot wait to get my hands on this Rezurrection add-on, which adds five maps to the experience. Also, somebody should get this video in front of George A. Romero's eyes. A Dead film on the moon would be bad ass!


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  • First. Well I like these "real life" trailers.

  • Wait, this isn't already out for 360? Well, I can't wait to play it regardless, especially since I get it free on PS3 (thank you, hardened edition!)
  • I knew that Rezzurection was the last map pack for Black Ops, but from the description of the article, I thought they were making another map pack for zombies. :(
  • They are still promoting this because the map pack has yet to go live on Ps3. Treyarch is not going to make any money off of MW3 so there going to try to squeez as much as they can out of their last map pack. I would think after the 22nd you will start seeing alot more about MW3
  • Man, activision is a marketing ***

  • You know, I want werewolves to be the next big thing in gaming. No zombies, werewolves. That would be sweet. At this point, the only things with zombies I want to see is either Dead Space, Resident Evil, or Left 4 Dead.
  • Worst zombie map pack ever. The old maps use the new guns, which in effect are far less powerful that WaW guns. Really Treyarch, you dissapointed my on this one.
  • These trailers are the best.

  • why should i pay $15 on this when we are less than 2 months from mw3? come on im not rich!!!
  • I wish I worked at this lab!

  • Wow, I like Call of Duty but this seems like a rip-off. We already had to pay for alot of the maps in this map pack on World at War and now they want us to buy them again so we can play them with 1 new map for $15? Not only that, but MW3 comes out in less than 2 months. This seems silly to me.
  • I have it it is fun.
  • I love these videos!

  • Gonna get this. No matter what those haters say. Gotta stay strong. *deep breaths*

    Okay, I feel better now.

  • Edit: Comment is no longer necessary, original article was edited.
  • Here's my thought. Why doesn't Treyarch just create a zombie shooter already? They might as well. Could you imagine a Modern Warfare campaign (and I mean the quality of it) with zombies? It is hard to tell how much they would make if they made a zombie game. Just call it Call of Duty:Zombie Apocalypse.
  • that's just gross, I didn't need to see that and now I'm going to have nightmares. probably won't get this or black ops, BF3 and MW3 are more worthy.
  • really more call of futy dlc wow so shocking! just bleed it upon recourse until its nothing but a shell of itself, which is not that far away,but it do looks bad arse cant deny that.

  • As a fan of zombies in Black ops, I am very excited to play it on the PS3. The moon map does make me wonder how Treyarch will continue doing zombies in their next COD game. That is if they even put in the game.

  • i agree wit nickha0 on this one. why u ppl always one side between 2 hot games, ppl have their opinion to say wat games hotter than other but if u haven't play or look at the game u cant say nun, u jus cant until u try it yo self or if u jus not in to the game then dont say anythin ok, if u do then it on u.    

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