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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Story Trailer Gives Us More Sinister Spacey

Kevin Spacey was the highlight of our first look at Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s story. In the latest trailer for this fall’s installment, the Academy Award-winning actor is at his most sinister.

Spacey is no stranger to powerful roles, to which anyone who watches Netflix’s House of Cards will attest. As the head of Atlas, a private military corporation, Jonathon Irons wields immense power that isn’t restricted by law or elected official.

The video also teases the much-anticipated multiplayer reveal, which will be taking place on August 11. For more on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, check out our coverage hub from the June 2014 issue.

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  • I'm going to play this, and I'm going to enjoy murdering digital Kevin Spacey.
  • If these games were still titled numerically this would be Call of Duty 11. Eleven!!
  • why am i watching this ...and wanting it...its COD..whats...whats wrong with me...
  • Looks like it finally might change up the same old boring cod formula enough to get excited about. Least it's not the lame ass cliche story of two brothers and their daddy as commander
  • This could possibly be the best CoD since MW2...
  • Call of Duty by way of Metal Gear? Sold. I'm not interested in narratives espousing ultra patriotism or cliche moral absolutes. Where this game looks to shine is beyond simply introducing new toys to murder each other with, but to seemingly insert players into a vacuum of conscience, forcing them to reexamine their perceptions of right and wrong in new context. Is the leadership of a PMC more or less corrupt than existing elected, or unelected, officials? What do you define as "freedom" in a world where technology makes privacy an impossibility and minor catastrophes can be ultimately cataclysmic? What lengths would you go to to ensure peace and stability in a city, country, or even worldwide, and how do you prioritize one above the other if they conflict with one another? I like it when writers take difficult paths like this--when a fiction's narrative describes a world and the characters that inhabit it torn by often contradictory desires, perceptions, and actions, demanding the reader/player come to a philosophical consensus on their own. Neat stuff.
  • About time. I look at every game and think "needs more Kevin Spacey". Dark Souls II would have scored a perfect 10 with Kevin Spacey. He provides that extra .25 to anything he's in.
  • Interesting. Maybe we'll get to meet Keyser Söze...
  • Everything's better with Kevin Spacey.

  • wow already my favorite single player COD

  • Kevin Spacey still not needing Congress.

    "A heartbeat away from the presidency, and not a single vote cast in my name. Democracy is so overrated."

  • Man that looked good. Feels so weird saying that about COD. I did like the story of Black Ops despite the cliche, I hope this does better. My natural skepticism makes me think this might be too good to be true... I hate being on the popular hype train...

  • I've got this pre-ordered but it's a very tentative pre-order. If I don't find solid info that the SP story is any good and has some length, I'm canceling it at release. Done paying for games that are actually MP focused with a shallow and short SP. MP I've had my fill of and don't need more!

    But I'm hoping!

  • I'm banking this will be better than Black Ops II and Ghost. At any rate, I'm wanting it for Christmas.

  • IMO, these games suck and they should stop being made. But that would piss off too many people. Oh well.