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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Power Changes Everything In Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

Sledgehammer and Activision kicked Gamescom 2014 week off today by releasing the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer reveal trailer. The gameplay footage below illustrates how Advanced Warfare’s future technology will change the way we play Call of Duty multiplayer.

The most immediately apparent change noticeable in Advanced Warfare’s multiplayer gameplay comes from the shooter’s new Exo Armor. The player in the trailer leaps high into the air, breaks through plate glass windows, slams forcefully into enemies, and slides across the ground into cover. The Exo Armor abilities lend a level of verticality and physicality to map traversal and combat unprecedented in the series so far. New multiplayer maps are designed to accommodate this increased freedom of movement.

The exo suit isn’t the only future-tech on display in the multiplayer trailer. We also get a glimpse of the the new kill streak bonuses and rewards— including a signal-able cluster missile, which a player uses to destroy a large robotic mech unit. Map hazards are also prominently on display, with the future soldiers running, leaping, and swimming to get out of the way of a huge tsunami bearing down on them from the sea.

The new weapons and gadgets of Advanced Warfare have a significant bearing on how the first person shooter’s multiplayer feels, as well. At one point, the player uses a laser weapon with a continuous beam fire to mow down an opponent. Scanning technology that illuminates enemies on-screen is used for a tactical benefit. The ballistic shield is used to block bullets in mid-leap. Even a jetpack is used to get the jump on an opponent.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is coming out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on November 4, or a day early if you opt for the Day Zero edition. For more on Advanced Warfare’s new multiplayer, have a look at our nine things you need to know, or check out PC Editor Dan Tack and News Editor Mike Futter’s conversation about their hands-on experience with the mode. For even more on Sledgehammer’s upcoming shooter, check out our cover hub from the June 2014 issue below.

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  • Mod
    It certainly looks fun enough, but more like a distraction that I'd get tired of quickly. Like Titan Fall. I think I'll probably stick to Destiny and Halo for my MP addictions.(And great SP for that matter)
  • + Looks Fast Paced + Exo suits will bring a new level of gameplay to the stale CoD format + The campaign looks interesting and might house some thought provoking storytelling + Massive amounts of customization - Pick 13 looks confusing - No co-op campaign All in all, this entry into Call of Duty seems to be a breath of fresh air to their generic run and gun equation. I have faith in this new studio (SledgeHammer) to bring about the popular return of CoD with innovative multiplayer in combination with a deep meaningful story mode.
  • Maybe.

  • Looks like it'd be cool for a day or two and then same old same old.. I'm only interested in seeing what Sledge has done with the campaign.
  • A lot of interesting changes especially to movement and weapon types. However, there are worrying additions, such as 'supply drops' (basically Battlefield-esque battlepacks by the look of it), variable weapon statistics, quirky equipment (cloaking devices and detection grenades??), powerful secondary weapons (did they not learn from MW2?) and still a lot of cheap kill-streak rewards. This stuff is what will be hard to balance, making particular styles of play more popular, making the game more boring and frustrating for people who want to actually use the variety of items on offer and ultimately making the experience less 'competitive' (in an MLG sense) in the long run. We'll see?
  • Too much like Titanfall with a splash of Halo and Crysis....Im going with Destiny. This look like more of a rental for me

  • I'll get this. I get CoD ever year and this one looks pretty good so far.
  • What was that, that wasn't the call of duty I used to play

  • I like it but I'm getting destiny to take a break from competitive multiplayer . Even with the new stuff I'm sure going to miss claymores and C4

  • OMG!!!!11! It's CoD with JETPACKS!!!! Allllll set...thanks. Looks exactly like CoD always has. Not very excited for the 237th entry in this franchise.

  • I didn't see anything that gets me excited.

    Definitely gonna pass on this.

  • You are not ape.
  • Well that video just sent my hype meter for this game out the roof. So much awesome gameplay potential. I lost interest in CoD multiplayer after modern warfare 2, but this video looks to reinvigorate the fun that the game once had. I am going to preorder this asap. Such an awesome trailer. :D

  • Well I was sold on Kevin Spacey but that reveal looked incredible. I may not play much MP but knowing that such a sweet side of the game exists is enough to warrant a preorder from me. I still have yet to touch Ghosts but want to-the game not actual poltergeists. I am proud of CoD for mixing it up. Everyone wanted something different...well you got it. A lot of it by the looks of it. A bunch of Crysis and Titanfall in there, some Battlefield and the classic CoD foundation should make for quite the game. Oh and did I mention Kevin Spacey?

  • Meh, it'll just get ruined by campers.
  • Changing the battlefield like Battlefield 4 huh. so a Titanfall/BF4/Halo wanna be.... looks interesting but lets hope they actually update that old ass graphics engine this time around, Activision is cheap and lazy and Kotick can rest in hell.

  • This just looks like a rental for me.

  • The multiplayer actually looks good this time, i might actually get this.

  • At most...redbox rental...unless I can get a free copy...just doesnt look impressive.
  • Hmmmm....

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