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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Sledgehammer Details Efforts To Craft Gripping Story

Bringing in actor Kevin Spacey was only the first step in elevating Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s narrative ambitions, it seems. Today, Sledgehammer Games released a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the game’s story, exploring both the setting and the main character.

Creative director Bret Robbins discusses the research performed to make a believable futuristic setting, as well as the motion capture involved in creating realistic performances for characters like protagonist Private Mitchell.

Advanced Warfare releases November 4 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. For more, check out our cover story hub and our preview from E3.

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  • I wish them luck. One thing for sure is that Sledgehammer is working very hard to make this a great/memorable call of duty.

  • I still can't tell if Kevin Spacey's character is the villain or if he is a morally grey character who our player works for.

  • Kevin Spacey in this story certainly has me interested. He strikes me as the kind of guy who wouldn't sign up for a crap script........ Well, at least not since Superman Returns :D
  •'s gonna have story this time? Cutscenes aren't going to just be used to show off the level of detail that went into a character that we can't ever see while playing as them or just to make the single player seem longer? Well okay then.

  • I can honestly say that I haven't been as excited for a COD game since Modern Warfare. Shouldn't this series be losing steam by now? As somebody who hasn't played a COD game since MW3, it's shocking to me that this franchise is still going strong.

  • Is that Denis Leary at 1:08?! Him and Kevin Spacey may blow my mind.

  • If the narrative is again consigned to "Follow the NPC" I'm *** done, again....
  • I'm liking this one. Haven't played a CoD game since Black Ops.

  • Oh well that's nice, didn't know it was only for pc, ps4, and x1. It actually might be amazing now since they're finally leaving last gen behind.
  • Please include a plasma cutter?
  • Oh, it's another Call of Duty...just in the future. Some madman is gonna want to destroy or take over the world or...well, kill a lot of people. We're gonna shoot plenty of people in the face as we move between cutscene after cutscene and set-piece after set-piece. Then it will end, and we'll play online for hundreds of hours. Oh, and the cutscenes will be pretty.

    Just like all of the rest.

  • I'm not convinced. COD Ghosts spoiled any chance of getting excited on any future COD and so far nothing I have seen of COD AW is inviting enough to convince me to pre-order. My hopes are to have access to a friends console with COD AW installed and give it a try before deciding to make an expensive purchase. I don't feel like throwing my money away yet again. Seems I may be done with COD but will have to wait and see.

  • I'm thinking this will be the best cod since mw2

  • Who on earth keeps buying these games. I guess people like these cookie cutter games.

  • The only thing that has me remotely interested in this title is Sledgehammer's supposed interest in narrative.

  • I am on board if the story is good. Or else piss off, I don't care for their passionate ramblings, I have seen them be passionate about opening a door before so...

  • Modern Warfare 3 had a story o.o

    Seriously though this call of duty has me really excited. I hated every entry after the first black ops so that says a lot.