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BulletStorm Blog Guidelines
  • Bulletstorm? More like, run out of ammo storm!

    If you like playing shooters on max difficulty like I do, you'll notice a huge shortage of ammo in this game. Really sort of defeats the purpose of blasting through idiotic AIs in the game like you were clearly meant to do. I found myself forced to... More
  • Gears of War Meets Borderlands In This Hilarious Romp

    I had no idea what to expect when I popped this game into my 360. Was this going to be a first person Gears of War clone? Maybe something like Killzone? I had read no reviews or watched any gameplay prior to me playing it. I went in entirely blind expecting... More
  • Blood and Gore with a Side of Humor

    Bulletstorm is a fastpaced, blood pumping, adrenaline ride. The thing that makes Bulletstorm great is its unique approachto the First Person Shooter genre. The game constantly pushes you to kill your enemies in the most gruesome, bloody, and hilarious... More
  • Bulletstorm User Review (this website is being retarded)

    It's really sad that there was really Bulletstorm wasn't really a huge hit, because it is an amazing game, not to mention original. Kudos to People Can Fly, and now I can saw I'm okay with Epic handing off Gears of War: Judgement to them.... More
  • This is a TEST. DO NOT READ!

  • If they could have done more

    I first got this game thinking the campign mode would have had co-op which was a let down. Honestly i think they should have done more and it would have been a better game if they did. I could only see if they had a campign that was co-op and having to... More
  • crazy fun

    this is an amazing shooter. it's just to much fun to rope enemies and then slice them with bullets, or kick them over a ledge or into a hazard. creativity rules in this game, and it's also funny. you need to buy this game. More
  • Crap

    While the GI review says "variety" I see none of it. It's a very repetitive game. The humor is very groan inducing, and all the characters are giant douches, not easy to relate with. More
  • Bulletstorm has bullets flying on your screen

    Bulletstorm combines many features of the FPS genre into one action-packed game. It has the explosions, slo-mo, crotch shots, detonations, and a minigun. This game is a great example of having a seriously fun time shooting at things. There a many different... More
  • Bulletstorm User Review

    First of all, this game deserves a 9.75 because of its amazing singleplayer experience with the skillshots, and while some were easy to get, others were tough . Next i had fun with echoes, but this may not be for some people, as it does end up getting... More
  • Great skillshot

    A creative way to kill someone that something new to the frachise of gaming and i like it :D With various weapon that affect the kil style, althouhg lacks the mutiplayer features, hope there will be a Bullet storm 2 XD More
  • Solid, playable, but a weak ending

    Bulletstorm is the second of two games that have made me enjoy QTE's(Quick Time Events). It's not the game's defining feature by a long shot, but its a predominant thought in my mind when playing this game. The beginning, as stated by GI,... More
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