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Rampaging Beasts And Raging Gunfire In New Bulletstorm Screens

Epic Games and People Can Fly's upcoming collaborative effort, Bulletstorm, is a game that's best described as a vivid exercise in gun-toting sadism. This latest batch of sreenshots shows off protagonist Grayson Hunt's harrowing quest along the surface of a conflict-addled planet, as he evades monstrous beasts and runs a couple Godzilla lookalikes.

One shot shows Gray and a buddy sitting across a bound man with a bottle affixed to his head. This screenshot is from the game's opening sequence, in which the duo play a drunken game of William Tell with a captured bounty hunter. Another shows off two similarly grotesque beasts, one mechanized and the size of a tank, and the other organic and bigger than the Statue of Liberty. Also be sure to take a close look at the bright, colorful vistas the world of Bulletstorm has to offer. There's a surprising amount of architectural originality and stunning backdrops for a game that lets you shoot a guy in the balls.

Bulletstorm hits PS3, 360, and PC February 22.

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  • The only words to describe this game is beautiful. This is probably the main reason Bulletstorm flipped my switch back in May of last year. I noticed the vibrant color scheme they had going, and I literally expelled a sign of relief. The bright colors just add so much more to the ambiance that it is hard to believe we don't see more games with this type of color palette.

    Been looking forward to this game since I pre-ordered it May 2010, and it sure is looking like it isn't going to disappoint. Good on ya PCF.

  • i have a feelin tht epic games is goin to make th 360 better thn th one for th ps3 but thts just me

  • The clock is ticking, this title is getting closer and closer! I for one will be shooting bullets up people's tailpipes and whipping them across chasms all while racking up beautiful points to heighten my leaderboard ranking. Meanwhile I'll also be hysterically laughing at the brilliant Steven Blum's performance as our main protagonist kills with skill and dishes out the insane one liners. See all you fellas on the battle field! HAR HAR HAR!  

  • This game is definitely beautiful. Not only will it deliver in the story and comedy department, it'll have the visuals to back it up, which is a great combination.

  • Wow, these environments are incredible.  And the enemies look more and more ferocious with each new screen of them.  I can't wait to see the part with that behemoth enemy in action!

  • that all looks really cool

  • Wow. That game looks gorgeous. It's awesome that we've come this far, so that even games centered around stylized violence can look this amazing. I ever get bored with shooting a guy in the testicles (highly unlikely), I'll probably be checking out the scenery

  • I'm really exited to start playing this game. That is, if FOX News will let me...

  • Wow this looks great. Also, for a seemingly simple, comical shooter it does have some impressive scenery and atmosphere as seen through pictures 3 through 5. Perhaps upon seeing the review of this game I`ll pick it up.

  • The game LOOKS really beautiful, but I still haven't checked out the demo to know if the gameplay backs it up.  Still undecided.

  • Cant wait for this game,everything about this game looks amazing

  • this game will be sooooo much fun. i cant wait.

  • This game is looking better and better and i've played the demo at least 20 times I'm getting pretty good at it too, it's just so addicting.

  • Everything's pointing to this game being awesome with great replay value.

  • can't wait for bulletstorm