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Bulletstorm: Encouraging Your Sadistic Side In 2011

In the new game by Painkiller developer People Can Fly, run of the mill enemies are not supposed to conjure feelings of fear or terror in the player. Rather, the Bulletstorm devs want you to look at these meatbags as opportunities to demonstrate your demented creativity for wanton destruction.

The behind closed doors demo was the same scenario we checked out for our Bulletstorm cover story. Armed with a Peace Maker Combine (PMC), Flail gun, and electric leash, protagonist Grayson Hunt faces small groups of unintimidating baddies served out in increments, with the battle culminating in a skirmish with a huge plant-like monstrosity. You're the conductor of this blood symphony, and Bulletstorm offers tons of choices for brutalizing your foes. The game doesn't reward you for simply filling your enemies with lead. Instead, you're encouraged to use more creative methods, like lifting enemies off the ground with the leash and lodging bullets in their skulls or groins. Using the environmental hazards littered around the world to your advantage also yields major points. Kick dudes into mutant cacti, tie them up with an explosive flail gun round and send them flying into a group of compatriots before detonating the round, or send an explosive barrel their way - the choice is yours. Once you rack up a decent amount of points, you can use your skill points to buy overcharged upgrades for your weapons.

Like all Epic games, the controls feel tight, the environments look fantastic, and the humor is stylishly sophomoric. Gamers have gravitated en masse to Bulletstorm's explosive, over the top action on the E3 showfloor. We're looking forward to digging deeper into the skillshot system and spending more time in this destructive playground in the coming months.

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  • interesting I LOVE SADISTIC!!! ahahaha

  • Australia will LOVE this game!!!

  • yeah!!!!!!!!!

  • Daddy like..........

  • cool!

  • Looks like it`ll be awesome!

  • just bad ass

  • Very excited for Bulletstorm. Cannot wait to bring out my snark with this game.

  • It may be good though I still am skeptic.

  • I'm glad they are going for something other than the traditional shoot and duck behind kind of gameplay without getting overly gimmicky about it. Plus they're making a lead character who will have some interesting *** to say for once instead of being bland and boring

  • OOO and Bertz finaly gets around to another one.
    So wait, there no co-op in this piece? Say it aint so...
  • I want to play this.

  • The Club 2.1 (what my brain always says when I see Bulletstorm)

  • this game looks straight up, Imma be watchin this one

  • I will love this game!

  • Fantastic! For someone who tries so hard to kill in interesting ways, I never got the motivation I wanted. Thank you for manifesting this motivation, PCF. You've gained a fan (and an achievement).