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  • Blog Post: Bulletstorm? More like, run out of ammo storm!

    If you like playing shooters on max difficulty like I do, you'll notice a huge shortage of ammo in this game. Really sort of defeats the purpose of blasting through idiotic AIs in the game like you were clearly meant to do. I found myself forced to choose between upgrading my weapons and equipment... More
  • Blog Post: Gears of War Meets Borderlands In This Hilarious Romp

    I had no idea what to expect when I popped this game into my 360. Was this going to be a first person Gears of War clone? Maybe something like Killzone? I had read no reviews or watched any gameplay prior to me playing it. I went in entirely blind expecting to play "Buff Men Kill Bad Guys 3"... More
  • Blog Post: Blood and Gore with a Side of Humor

    Bulletstorm is a fastpaced, blood pumping, adrenaline ride. The thing that makes Bulletstorm great is its unique approachto the First Person Shooter genre. The game constantly pushes you to kill your enemies in the most gruesome, bloody, and hilarious ways possible. Each of the guns in the game have... More
  • Blog Post: Crap

    While the GI review says "variety" I see none of it. It's a very repetitive game. The humor is very groan inducing, and all the characters are giant douches, not easy to relate with. More
  • Blog Post: A Boot in the Face to the Average FPS

    Bulletstorm is not your average shooter. It has many different elements that make it a truly unique take on the over saturated genre. These different elements are the points you get for each kill, and the moves you can pull off, called "skillshots". To get these skillshots, you must pull off... More
  • Blog Post: The "Something Different" I've Been Waiting For

    Bulletstorm is not a CoD killer. It's not a revolution in the FPS genre. It's definitely not a showcase for masterful storytelling. So why am I giving it an 8.5, you ask? Because it's just freakin' FUN! This game kept me up until 3-4 AM 5 nights in a row knowing full well I had to be... More
  • Blog Post: Holy Crap!!!

    Bulletstorm is an over-the-top Sci-fi shoot em up. With plenty of blood splattering and head exploding to fill even the most hardcore gamer to the brim. Absolutely insane from the minute you pick up you gun right up to the very end. The skillshots are a cool feature, and being able to track them along... More
  • Blog Post: different from most fps, but is it too different?

    One thing i need to say about this game is that i had such high hopes for Bulletstorm. I have been looking forward to this game ever since it was at E3. When i played the demo, my hopes went even higher. I had about the same expectations for Bulletstorm as i did for GTA 4. My first thought about this... More
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