If you like playing shooters on max difficulty like I do, you'll notice a huge shortage of ammo in this game. Really sort of defeats the purpose of blasting through idiotic AIs in the game like you were clearly meant to do. I found myself forced to choose between upgrading my weapons and equipment, or buying ammo. Everytime I came across this option, I mostly wanted to upgrade my arsenal, but I suffered big time for this as I found myself completely out of bullets throughout many of the encounters. The trainride towards the begining og the game was honestly crap. There's no cover, and you will be stuck at this part for an hour unless you look it up on youtube and also learn to use your whip thingy flawlessly, as you take damage for failures when using that against the 8 or 9 vultures you encounter in this scene without using cover.
The story was meh, and even the sound effects were meh. I'm using a minigun for pete's sake, I want to feel like I'm using a minigun. Voice acting was alright, and I did enjoy the toilet humor (hey, I love me some family guy) but damn, the sound effects of the weapons were...unsatisfying.
My biggest complaint was the lack of ammo drops. I mean, it's called 'bulletstorm', so why am I treating my drops like this is bioshock? I've cleared CoD and Battlefield on veteran difficulties, and sure I wasn't able to be careless with my ammo, but this is a game that emphasizes ridiculousness, so I don't see why this is an issue here.
The skillshots are fun to do, and the leash (on the enemies it actually works on) is fun too, but damn. I picked it up recently for 10 bucks just to pass the time. I was hoping for a bit more than this. The peices are all there too, I just needs a few issues fixed. I think between the trainride and the complete utter lack of ammo was something completely overlooked by the developers testers, so while the game may be fun, I can't give it a very high score. Sorry, but if professionals can't see obvious flaws than it shouldn't get a high score just because it's fun blasting through mindless AIs on easy. There's some big time points that were completely missed in the making of this game.
I give it a 6.75/10. If it wasn't so damn FUN, it'd be way lower. But I have to give it credit, it is a blast :D