Bulletstorm is a fastpaced, blood pumping, adrenaline ride. The thing that makes Bulletstorm great is its unique approachto the First Person Shooter genre. The game constantly pushes you to kill your enemies in the most gruesome, bloody, and hilarious ways possible. Each of the guns in the game have a list of challenges meantfor just that gun. Some are tricky to get but well worth it when all is said and done. The environment you play in is amazingly detailed as well. From crumbled cities to underground caverns, this game looks great. Which is probably a good thing with all the bullets and blood flying everywhere. This game isn't only about the gameplay though, it also has an amazing story to back up that amazingly smooth game play. The characters keep you grinning with every little joke they throw at each other and you can't help but laugh at some of the jokes they crack. This game is a gem and it would be a crime to miss such a unique game. I'd recommend this game to anyone who enjoys FPS's, Sci-Fi's, or anyone who just like to laugh.