Bulletstorm combines many features of the FPS genre into one action-packed game. It has the explosions, slo-mo, crotch shots, detonations, and a minigun.

This game is a great example of having a seriously fun time shooting at things. There a many different weapons to choose from and multiple different ways to use them. The skillshots add an entirely different feature to the FPS genre. Some were easy and some were tough. Most are very entertaining and others are painful. 

Another great magnificent feature is the story. You are a former soldier looking to get revenge on your piece of s**t commander. But when you get to him, things go bad, fast. Oh and you can get drunk. There are many different 

There are some downsides to this game. The graphics aren't the best but they get by. The multiplayer is OK too. Survive hordes of enemies whilst racking up skill points to get to the next level.

Overall Bulletstorm is a great game that feels a bit like Gears of War. I'd recommend this too anybody who wants a challenge at shooting things.