Bulletstorm is the second of two games that have made me enjoy QTE's(Quick Time Events). It's not the game's defining feature by a long shot, but its a predominant thought in my mind when playing this game. The beginning, as stated by GI, is told primarily in this manner, and its pretty awesome. The QTE's are extremely generous in timing, but pressing them faster gives you more skillpoints.

Skillpoints work well, by the way. They give an excuse for them by saying they're there for measuring soldier proficiency on a previous operation to the planet, but it seems unlikely that Command could expect a soldier to do some of these more extreme skillshots. No matter, because Bulletstorm knows what it is, and it is awesome.

Sliding, kicking, and leashing work well, and are essential to master. A lot of the gun's overcharge abilities rely on enemies lining up in front of you to be effective, which doesn't happen often outside of the melee oriented charges. The Cannonball's overcharge requires tricky timing, but nothing practice can't fix. Nothing else for gameplay can be considered sloppy.

The ending, however, can. General Sarrano is an unapologized Complete Monster who laughs at the deaths of innocents, betrays anyone whenever he can, and never says a sentence without cussing. Every last character admits a deep, burning desire to fill him full of bullets until he's nothing but a dripping mess on the wall. So, at the very end of the game, when all are given multiple opportunities to do so, what do you suppose they do? Kill him? if you answered as such, I appreciate the gesture but the answer is no they don't. They gab, they Quick Time, and eventually Gray leaves the General to die instead of just killing him which works exactly as well as you think it might. It's like they all caught  "We Want A Sequel"-itis in the head as a malignant tumor.

Besides that, well-deserving of at least a nine.