Bulletstorm makes you feel like a complete, and utter ***. Yeah there's a story, and yeah there are some interesting characters, but the meat of Bulletstorm, what it really does better than anything else in recent memory, is make you feel like a ***.

From the leash, to the kicks, to the weapons with alternate fire modes Bulletstorm is all about the action and gun play. About huge set pieces (the giant wheel of doom!) that continually top each other until your head is forced to explode from sheer awesome-overload. Bulletstorm knows what it is and doesn't hide from that. And that's something I really appreciate. 

Games like this often get lambasted for a lack of story, for being too simple minded in its game play- but with Bulletstorm its this ease of access to doing amazing things that make it so much fun to play. And getting rewards for performing unique kills? Sweet.

Bulletstorm is like a great action movie from the late 80's or early 90's- it might not be high art, but it sure is fun.