Bulletstorm started off great. The witty banter between the protagonist and friends is great. The graphics of Bulletstorm are awe inspiring and beautiful. It's rendered well. The plot is indigenousto many FPS type games. Revenge is the key and kill as many people in as many ways as you can. That sums up Bulletstorm.

Bulletstorm's charm comes in the form of its scoring system. Kill people in disturbing ways and you get more points. The higher end kills require some crack shooting. It also takes people out of their safety zone. It caused some frustration while playing and trying for some of the harder shots. Focusing on a particular chain of kills can take some time to do and despite popular beliefs, the AI doesn't stand still often.

The game itself can be played in as little as 10 hours. It's to bad that it is so short.

The multi-player is a joke. There isn't any. This saddened me because I am a big fan of multi-player (when it works). There is a coop mode that is much like horde mode on Gears 2. The only difference is you and a buddy are trying to quire points, not body counts.

Overall, Bulletstorm has a lot of charm. I give it an 8.5 for the fact that some parts are extremely frustrating due to level layout, repetitive game play and serious lack of multi-player.