If a games a shooter, theres a chance it will be awesome. Thats what I was like when I saw Bulletstorm. A completly addicting FPS from Epic Games. Instead of just being like modern day shooters like COD or Halo, Bulletstorm has a different offering-Skillshots.

One amazing thing people will notice are the graphics. They are showing what the world would look like if it was and abandoned paradise. The skillshots are my favorite part. My favorite skillshot is kicking enimies onto an electrical cord, causing them to be electricuted and revealing their skeletons. While the games main protagonist, Grayson Hunt, has an amazing preformance, his partner, Ishi, has a less successfull one. Too bad for him. But after listining to Ishi's annoying attitude for a few hours, you'll learn to ignore it.

The game starts out when Grayson and his team are sent to assassinate a man who their leader claims to be evil. But theres a problem: after Grayson kills the man, Ishi discovers that he's actually a reporter that just finished writing an article. Grayson then yells at his boss for tricking him and his team into killing innocent people. Years later, you and your squad crash land on an abandoned paradise. Where Ishi gets a Terminator like makeover. The controls are the most simple part of the game. Press B to kick, hold A to slide, and press LB to whip the leash.

Bulletstorm is an amazing game with no flaws at all. I might be overstating it, but its true. And I cannot tell a lie. A sequal reveal is what im looking foward to sometime this year, and you should look foward to it, too. While the game might have too many penis jokes, the campaign is just as amazing as the multiplayer. And only one flawed character isnt bad, if your a true gamer. Epic wasn't just trying to make an FPS-They were trying to recreate the genre.