Bulletstorm is not your average shooter. It has many different elements that make it a truly unique take on the over saturated genre. These different elements are the points you get for each kill, and the moves you can pull off, called "skillshots". 

To get these skillshots, you must pull off some ridiculous moves, like shooting the enemy in his unmentionables and kicking his head off, or shooting him in the butt. You get a lot of points for pulling off these moves for the first time, so you always want to try new moves. ]

With the points you earn from the skillshots, you can upgrade your weapons, buy more ammo, and unlock alternate shots. This is an incredibly smart way to incorporate these skillshots into the Story Mode, and it works out really well in the long run.

Speaking of the story, it's actually really good. I was coming in expecting a generic, run of the mill space story only to be held up by the gameplay. However, I'll be the first to admit that I was wrong.While it won't win any awards in storytelling, it's still an intriguing tale for what it is.

The characters are also intriguing, but in a different way. I shouldn't like these characters, but I do. They're obnoxious, obscene, vulgar, and just not very nice. There's just... a lovable quality about them that I can't explain.

Of course, not everyone will like them, and it's understandable. These characters are, as I said, total jerks. I'm sure that there are a lot of people who won't give a care about Greyson Hunt, just because of his attitude.

Going back to the story, it's not without it's faults. I felt that it fizzles out a bit around the final act, and the ending almost feels like a kick in the teeth. I'm not going to spoil it here, but take my word that it feels like a total cop out and sequel fodder.

On a more praise worthy note, Bulletstorm is very pretty. The environments are colorful and detailed, and they really stick out when you're exploring them. If there was a game that made me want to get an HD-TV just to enhance the visuals, it's this one. The worse things about the graphics are the character models. Greyson just... doesn't look when he's talking.

In closing, Bulletstorm is awesome. It's a fun ride, with clever jokes, awesome gameplay elements, and beautiful graphics. The only things that are really setting it back are the cop-out ending, and minor graphical errors.

If you like fun, I think you'll like Bulletstorm.