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OK..... i need to reword this RANT. if you want an indepth review of bulletstorm then dont waste your time looking at this user review. for the main fact that i havent and wont play this game. WHY you ask... simple... this game is the only reason why gears of war 3 got pushed back 5 months. think about it other than a new game system coming out what could hurt the sales of gears 3 by releasing it in april(that was its original shiping date)? exactally... not a *** thing. but what could hurt the sales of bulletstorm? gears 3.

so since EPIC didnt want bulletstorm to do bad they pushed gears back. but my question to you guys out there is if it was really worth it? was it really worth pushing gears back that much for a game no one will play after july 4th? is bulletstorm so good that you would have rather had gears 3 pushed back 5 months instead of bulletstorm being pushed back 5 months? most of you reading this probably havent even played bulletstorm, but i bet you have played gears and heard about all the new *** thats gona be in gears 3. 

you all know its arguably going to be the best xbox game out this year. so why have that pushed back instead of a game thats fun for a week and then just shelved by the owner? and if you would have really wanted bulletstorm over gears.... well you should just sell your xbox cuz you dont know good video games when you see one. cuz honestly when is the xbox live community gona get bored of gears? exactaly not for some time. when are we gona get bored of bulletstorm? exactally 1 maybe 2 weeks after purchase.

i mean lets be honest the only reason why bulletstorm got its great reviews and sold so well was cuz of the gears beta that came with it. i mean dont you guys find it funny that epic didnt announce the other ways to get the beta till about 3 weeks after bulletstorm was released. cuz if they had announced that you get the gears beta just by preordering it, the same day bulletstorm came out it would not have sold as many copies as it did. come on dont lie... if you bought the epic edition of bulletstorm theres a very high chance it was only cuz of the beta... hell most of you got bulletstorm cuz of the beta.

i mean look at past games that came with a beta. crackdown. didnt that get a 10 in gameinformers magazine. wasnt it concidered one of the best free roamers out there. didnt it get prasies from every critic... but what did crackdown come with... O YEAH the *** HALO 3 BETA. no wounder every one was exicited for crackdown. i mean did anyone even play crackdown after the beta ended........ DIDNT THINK SO.

so for all of you thinking i shouldnt write a review for a game i havent even played... look at it form my perspective... this mediocer game pushed back one of the greatest shooters ever made... i think those are grounds for hating on a game. the only reason why i gave this a 6 instead of a 1 is cuz of the beta. but if you didnt spend the extra 10 bucks for 20 some days of gears of war 3.... you are one sorry son of a b*tch.

  • Denying yourself the enjoyment of a great game because you think it has delayed another great game? Seems pretty silly. But then again you rated a game you haven't played. That also is silly. The only thing more silly is that I've wasted my time typing this, since if this isn't a straight up troll, you're most likely not a rational thinker.
  • You're pretty stupid you need to get a life and stop complaining about games getting delayed even if it did get delayed 5 months then thats five more months that they can spend working on the game to make it even better for goofy people like you.
  • This is an observation, not a a comment. I rated your comment a banana, not because I thought you made a bad post and mockery of a review system and slap in the face of anyone who might think that there are legitimate reviews on a legitimate game site, but because I wasted time from studying to look at a review of a game I am interested in and wondered what this person thought of the game who rated it so low.
  • I agree with you 100% I WANT GEARS 3!! not some gay game where you shoot guys in the balls and everybody has a pottymouth like some back-wooded inbred hillbilly...
  • You have got to be the stupidest person on the internet
  • Just saying..this belongs in a blog or forum or something. Not in the review section for a game. I don't care if you put in all caps how it isn't a review, it's a rant. If it isn't a review, don't put it in the review section. For that reason alone, I think people have a right to call you an idiot. Frankly speaking, I'm not the confrontational type, but boy do you put yourself out there to be bashed. Aside from that, you're bloody whiny and I just hope to God you don't go around telling people you're a gamer because *** you must make us look reaaaaaal bad. I know you said how you have a life in another comment but...this kind of crap proves otherwise. I will give you this though. It was fun to read such idiocy while at work with nothing to do at the moment. For that, I thank you. You just made these past few minutes on the job a bit more bearable.
  • you guys may think this post is supposed stupidity on an epic level, but i rated this game cuz it pushed back gears. i mean you would all be in an uproah if a COD game was pushed back cuz of an other shooter. so dont bust my balls when you would all do the same with that certain game.
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    Wait, is this where the Darth Clark reviews are that didn't make it in Gameinfarcer?

    Seriously though, you could have ranted in a blog.  The reputation of user reviews is shamed enough without things like this.

    Also, I would like to sellz my xbox because I donts no good gamez. You send me teh monies nao!

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    So i'm guessing your really going to lose it when you find out the real reason Gears was pushed back. Look out future reviews of Kinect games.
  • you guys keep saying this needs to be in a blog and that reading this wasted your time. fist off you didnt have to read it. if you want to read a review about why you should buy bulletstorm.... then go read the other 20 reviews that are worshiping the ground that bulletstorm is laid on. but if you want to here why this game should not have posponed gears... then your in the right place.

    and on that "this should be on a blog" topic. if i were to have said that i played this game and its not worthy of pushing gears back, what then its okay. well i played the demo(about 5 times) and i can say its not worthy. it may only be a demo but demos are enough to get the gist of a game. and bulletstorms gist is insane killing for 10 housrs and then your done with it for 10 months. is 10 hours of fun for the hardcore gamer good enough to push a game back that will be 30 hours+ of fun for the average gamer? didnt think so

    i played the demo and its seems like a good game... but not good enough to push gears back 5 months. good games dont trump great games. but sadly in this case it did.
  • Honestly, I wish there was a way to flag "reviews". Last thing I want to see is GameInformer turn into IGN2.0 where people downrank games because they're on "System X" or because they wanted some other game to come first.

    Gears got delayed. You'll live. But what you don't seem to understand is this is a complex business and Epic, alone, might not be responsible for that delay. Consider the following:

    Gears 1: 11/7/06; Gears 2: 11/7/08
    Halo 3: 9/25/07; Halo 3 ODST: 9/22/09; Halo Reach: 9/14/10

    Notice a trend here? They're all in the fall season to capitalize on the end-of-summer doldrums while being close enough to the holidays to be a big holiday seller. Halo is not likely to have an entry in the franchise this year with the transition from Bungie to 343 Industries so Microsoft NEEDS a Triple-A fall release. That means either Gears of War 3 or Forza Motorsport 4.

    This year is REALLY light on highly anticipated X360 exclusives. If Gears 3 came out in April, the rest of the year would have been completely overlooked, with exception to Forza 4. I'm 75% confident that the delay was decided by Microsoft and 100% confident that Bulletstorm had NOTHING to do with Gears being pushed back until September.