Bulletstorm is not a CoD killer.  It's not a revolution in the FPS genre.  It's definitely not a showcase for masterful storytelling.  So why am I giving it an 8.5, you ask?

Because it's just freakin' FUN!

This game kept me up until 3-4 AM 5 nights in a row knowing full well I had to be up at 6:30 to go to work.  I can't remember the last game that did that to me.  I've seen sites rate the replayability of this game pretty low, but that seems short-sighted to me.  If you're the right kind of gamer, this game has *endless* replayability.  The Echoes mode just begs you to give it one more shot to top that high score.  And to do it, you need to cause as much mayhem in the most ridiculously over-the-top ways you can imagine.

This formula has been tried before, but in my opinion never this successfully.  If you were intrigued by games like Mirror's Edge, The Club, or Stuntman: Ignition, but felt they just didn't have enough meat on them to keep you eating, you should at least give this one a rent.

Multiplayer is extremely limited, and is extremely tough to even connect for a game on the PS3.  Otherwise, this would probably be a 9.  But what's there is a blast to play, and isn't that why we game?